August 03, 2009


Kind of busy but not to sound like Jahn:

  1. Garage demo? When is this going to happen
  2. Standard Foundry demo--could be the slowest demo I have ever seen
  3. City Builders demo? When is this going to happen, maybe the Commonwealth of Massachusetts does not have the money to fund this project


David Z. said...


Be careful, there are already several folks on your blog that think Jahn and you are one in the same. LOL!

David Z. said...


As for the garage demo, IMHO everything is still on track for sometime this fall. If there were any hiccups with this timetable I think the rumor mill would have already been percolating about UNUM going to plan B. They did say they wanted to be in a new location within 2 years.

Jahn has been asking about interior demo that should be happening prior to the wrecking ball swinging, I believe most of the interior stuff was done soon after Berkley took title to the site.

Jahn said...

I seem to recall a Sept, 2009 start for garage demo after being moved forawrd from March of 2006

Is my memory correct???

Commercial real estate is in the toilet big time right now.

And what really bothers me is the councilors are not asking any questions re permiting, pre-demo work, etc.

I am from Missouri re city Sq demo

I was on Lower County Rd Sunday in Dennisport and I didnt see any Worc area bumper stickers. Did see a few IIAF(ers) window decals though.

Cops, firemen and Marines seem to be the ones who most often wear their occupations on their sleeves (cars) 24/7. The marines....I'll give them's deserved

Anyone see where where the poor Chinese delivery guy got murdered (allegedly) up in Lowell over the weekend?

I am telling you this is a dangerous job..which begs the question.......will the Lowell FF'ers put out 2 boom/ladder trucks over Main St in Lowell with Amer flag draped at teh top of the booms in memeory of this "brother" who truly works in a dangerous line of business? Dont hold your breathe

Jahn said...

David was start date "some times this fall" or September..i know my memory fails me sometimes.........I thot Sept was the date(s)

Also David, How could interior demo have begun............arent they still using it as a parking garage right now?

Also by pre-demo i meant utility disconnects...including sewer, water(if any), storm drains, elec, others??? and then of course there's the permit apllication it self....I wonder if the permit is a freebie..........I wonder if Worc South Negihbor hood center got a free demo permit for city builders site............then shouldnt Berkely get a freebie's called parity.

Once again I am Jahn..........Not Bill

David Z. said...

Jahn said "Anyone see where where the poor Chinese delivery guy got murdered (allegedly) up in Lowell over the weekend?"

The murder was in Lawrence (Not Lowell) after someone placed a bogus order.

And what exactly does a senseless murder of a delivery man have to do with the firefighters?

Which begs the question, "did you take the FF exam way back when and not get the job which is why your constantly on their backs?"

Bill Randell said...


Got to agree with you. Think Jahn was trying to say how dangerous the delivery job can be , but his example was quite a stretch.

I am starting to wonder about Jahn's fireman complex.


Jahn said...

DaVID MY POINT WAS FF'ers seem to think theirs is a very dangerous job (cops too) Most people dont realize what the truly dangeropus jobs are and how many are killed in lines of work that dont get the notoriety that firemen (and cops) get (and clamor for) when injured or heaven forbid killed at work.

It's media driven, political thingie with ff'ers and cops injured/killed in theline of duty.

BTW I mean to say Chinese ...FOOD..... delivery guy, not a Chinese guy although he may have been.......race/culture doesnt make a difference in this situation....Lowell Lawrence....LOL ......whatever.....kinda like the difference between Southgate St and Kilby St......point made ......

<<< Declaring a moratorium on FF'er comments for now........unless something that is newsworthy in the media catches my eye re: this topic....for example .....a picture of a sweating FF'ers standing beside a hot August fire......unless there's also a pic of an August asphalt raker beside the ff'ers pic....consider it equal time/exposure.

Jahn reserves the right to call off the moratorium w/o notice........bloggers beware.

Yup...... i flunked the FF'ers exam........!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Not to steal Wormy Jeff's schtick, but I think it is time we take a 'poll' ...


Harry T

Anonymous said...

Once again for the conspiracy theorists out there who think Bill and Jahn are the same person...

Harry T(ruth is out there)

Anonymous said...

not to sound like Jahn? Bill must think we are dumber than Rush's listeners