August 10, 2009

Kate Toomey Video

Here was the number 1 related video???


Paulie's Point of View said...

Gary Rosen bowing out...other City Councilors publically grousing about a lack of energy..another had a rumor out there that he was not running.....perhaps it is time for a clean slate..fresh ideas from folks that have not been entrenched in ciy politics for most of their lives....Worcester is in need of a new perspective and perhaps the time is now..

Boston has some new young blood on the City Council in Sam Yoon who has the balls to challenge a popular sitting Mayor and is not backing down.....a Mayor who is out biking at 5AM every day--a real advocate for biking as a mode of transportation...the new gal from Jamaica Plain who unseated Diane Wilkerson...young and energetic

I am real happy to see some city folks running....not Worcester perimeter and suburbs but some city folks even if I do not agree with em' all...I do not want nice guys...I want some folks who are gonna clean up this city and now not later..this horseshite that we are a "victim of our own success" that Joe Petty belted out a few weeks is just that...evidently Joe has not spent enough time in the urban core...pools in decrepit shape before the downturn in economy...not one urban street that does not have multiple problem properties...a dead downtown, little business to speak of...great that we have 100 new pubs..I am an advocate for a pint but how about some real business in the urban core like gyms, bookstores, office supply stores,small manufacturing business, an REI, CitySports or Marathon Sports....maybe a company that makes bicycles....some activists groups that are seeking to bring bike paths to the city instead of always seeking to increase no income housing and advocating for more food stamps....we have enough of this shite..we need people with energy and ideas...not more driftwood!

I am really unhappy about everything I am hearing about this city is not positive stuff and it can not be blamed on our Mayor...

as Jerry Williams was known to say "I am mad as hell, and I am not going to take it any longer:

Paulie's Point of View said...

Kate is not having a good week..Joe O jumps into the Mayors race...Rosalie Tirelle is on par about Kates weight as Wee Will Wo Wo was on mine:>) and now this video clip! It aint easy being in the WooTown spotlight......could Rosalie Tirelle be Wee Will Wo Wo instead of Will Waters???

Jahn said...

Paulie, Jahn is also unhappy htis morning.....(what else is new....LOL...).

T&G today (Aug 11th) has a Nick K story about another God Dam TIF for the poliitcally connected Beechwood Inn........henceforth known as the Leechwwod Inn. I am tired of the city doling out TIF's, given teh financial
constaints it is under right now If ya wanna biuld more comm. real estate then just build it and pay the taxes.

Residents & businsses who have been here for decades get zero breaks on their taxes.................and frankly businesses get double whammied as bizz tax rate is twice teh residential rate. Why shoud a business even pay a school tax may kids does a business send into teh school system vs. a sewerage flooded NO-LO, 46 unit housing dev'ment?

I also need help with mathematicss thsi morning.......quoted from Nick's article:

" She"(Julie Jacobsen) "said the first phase is for 10 years and would exempt the companies from having to pay property taxes on 45 percent of the increased value of the property resulting from the improvements.

That is expected to save the hotel $285,827 in taxes over 10 years. In turn, the city would receive nearly $1.9 million in new tax revenues resulting from the improvements to the property over the same period."

If the Leechwood Inn is expemted from paying taxes on 45% of the value of the newly constructed improvemtns and this savings equals $285K over 10 years................. .........the city then realizes
$1.9M in new taxes over 10 years from the remaining new constr???

I dont get it??? If $285K is the saving for the Leechwood ( over 10 yrs) from 45% of the increase in value then wouldnt the remaing (55%?) only generate 348K in add'l tax revenue for the city and not the reported $1.9M?

My 9th Grade algebra from Gates Lane school says that 45% of some number is 285,000 in tax savings for the Leechwood. That number = 633,000

New tax revenues = 633K

Leechwd TIF saving(45%) (285)K
City gets (55%) 348K

I got a B+ in Gates Lane modern math back in the day. What am I missing here?

Nick??? Julie???

Word verification this morning goes out to Wormie "cablaser"

Jahn said...

Ok why did Rosen drop out? This stuff doesnt just happen w/o any reason.......esp after big fanfare announcemnet a mere few weeks ago. The only thing Il'l give him is if he got a big change in his personal situation that makes it nec to step aside.

Must be maybe gittin' a gig over at UMass with Leary et al?

Maybe sumtin' up at the West Boylston Hotel?

Time will tell. Oddly enough it is annonuced on a Friday in August..... the month when the most Worcesterites are outta town and the time of week that people pay less attention to teh news. This is a politically orchestrated withdrawl from the Mayoral race that is not just of Gary's doing.

This think has McGoverns fingerprints all over it.

This is equivalent to Bill Randell coming out in favor of add'l low income housing in Worc. and being named teh CEO of a newly incorporated Piedmont CDC .........i.e. a complete about face

Paulie's Point of View said...

I am in full agreement with you Senor Jahn...e-mailed Bill about this stuff all weekend not one return...has anyone heard from Kate T???

Joe is out already with big standouts...little word from Kate T...

I am real uneasy as a voter, property owner and business owner about this drop out and the overall malaise of the CC....okay perhaps this CC is not rallying behind Konnie like many on it did under Tim but couldn't a few rise above this and lead this city...few seem to really be challenging Mick O'Brien..

Does this city council have any identity? ...we have some many problem properties in this city and they spent so much valuable time on hot dogs stands....perhaps if more lived in the urban core we would have seen something substantive on the issue...I am personally ready to vote a slate of urban core candidates just on this issue alone...

Jahn said...

PAULIE, you I thought of you the other day. The DPW Nuisance Control white pick up truck is out at 700pm in the evening (on overtime??) in one of Worc's more swanky neighborhoods knocking on doors and leaving notices that Swankysville residents have placed their yellow bags at curbside the evening before their designated trash pick up day.

WTH....!!!!!!! Meanwhile other hoods are a complete mess with trash, 4 ft weeds (Worc Common Grd.), abondoned cars, etc. Such a misplaced sense of priorities...!!!!!!

The way I see it is the DPW knows that it's too much work to catch trash dumpers, etc in the inner city so they go after the easy targets like upper middle class citizens who place their trash at curbside 12 hours prematurely. The same citizens who actaully will pick up their trash if the likes of a pigheaded Beagle or a raccoon got into it overnight.

Meanwhile Phil (Snow Shovel) Palmieri's sidewalk goes unshoveled for the fiRst 7 storms this past winter and where IS DPW nuisnace control..........SNOOOZIN'. Ditto's for Mr Mobert Roylans Sidewalk .....ALLEGEDLY UNSHOVELED FOR THE ENTIRE GOD DAM WINTER. The Nuisance Nazi's pick thier targets very judicioulsy and with great discrimination so as not to offend certain citizens....almost creating a crisis where none exist.

BTW trash haulers in my hood finished up last week at 11:35 PM except for the drivers who have to still take the load out to Rte 20 and dump it.......they were done just in time for lunch at the Polish Club. The striker riding the back of the truck also gets a 45 min coffee break during his 4.5 hour morning weekday when the truck has make the first trip out to Rte 20 to dump the first of their 2 daily trash loads.

Can the logistics of thsi trash pick up be changed such that theses guys work an 8 hour day. These trash haulers are infringing on Jakes turf. [g]

Jahn said...

Pualie as I have mentioned here before, I think Joe O'B is req'd (unofficially) by Havana Jim McGoverb to live in the Main South hood.

If he ever moves up in the job world and gets off Jimmie Mac's payroll, I got $100 that says at that point he escape Main South Hood for Upppaaah Burncoat St ( with Jimmie) or the west Side (with Konnie)