August 22, 2009

Springfield Forward

Love this guy from Springfield Forward, George Pappas, going after the Mayor of Springfield about another low income housing project by Winn Management.

Section of the story from the Springfield Intruder

As the final act began to play out in a drama that has torn apart a community, George Pappas of the neighborhood group Springfield Forward stood before the members of the Springfield Finance Control Board this past Tuesday and directly addressed Mayor Domenic J. Sarno. In what may be his final words on the matter in a public meeting setting, Pappas ripped the mayor for his role in clearing the way for a low income housing project to be developed on the southern gateway to the city of Springfield. “You have now become a builder, Mayor Sarno,” said Pappas. “You have become the developer of Sarno’s Ghetto at Longhill Street.

For the next 30 years, residents in Forest Park and Springfield will have a memorial to your disdain for the citizens of Springfield, your disregard for our community voice and it will be you who will be remembered as the Mayor who did not show courage, compassion or intelligence. You are the Mayor without clothes. Mayor Sarno, your decision not to build a school at Longhill Gardens but instead to build a 100% low income housing project is disgraceful.”

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Sprout said...

Wow! Can we hire him here?!