August 30, 2009

Nemeth Article

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First thing first. What has always bothered me was that Mr Nemeth completely dismissed our idea to pu out an RFP for the entire airport. Why didn't we at least try? Was there not a fiduciary responsible to the tax-payers of Worcester to ensure we received the highest and best price for ORH? In the end that is what we did (privative the airport), but we only talked to one buyer-MassPort. This made not sense and was a mistake.

Nothing we can do now, lets move forward. The outright of sale of ORH to MassPort looks like it is on track for December and that is good news for the future of ORH. Lets look at some facts of the deal that are being leaked out:

  • don't expect any cash windfall from the sale
  • be happy we are out of the aviation and don't have to pick up the annual deficit
  • MassPort will most likely just make an annual PILOT payment
  • we should just be happy that MassPort will turn ORH into the airport that we all that it can be and hopefully produce the same results that it has at Hanscom Field.

Again although I think we dropped the ball during this sales process, I can not disgree with any of the above. How can we exppect to get a windfall, when we never looked for another bidder? Under MassPort ownership I feel ORH will turn into a "real" aiport, since they do in fact have the expertise and capital to do what needs to be done.

Lastly there was a mention of a new airport adivsory commission to include representatives from neighboring communities? I want in.


Sprout said...

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Anonymous said...

I worked at the airport for 2 decades from the late 70's to mid/late 90's). Through my career, I saw the place crumble in the hands of people who had no business being there. During the mid 80's, a large well known freight company offered to invest millions into the airport; building terminals, upgrading runways and the ILS adding lage freight facilities, all for just a promise that the city would agree to an access road, the city said no. In the 90's, postal wanted to build a large facility there, again, city said no. These are just 2 examples of the long history of why the airport has failed. The main runway is 7,000 feet long. It can support a variety of aircraft, however, there is no parallel taxiway which forces pilots to make a 180 degree turn on the runway. This is not simply feasible for larger aircraft, which again limits air carriers here. All in all, the airport is viable, I ve seen it for myself and I've been in aviation since the early 60's. There is huge potential for this airport, it just needs the right management.


Paulie's Point of View said...

management is the key for anything...look at the difference in management of the Red Sox and Pariots upon ownership transfer...I have questioned persons in position of power in this city...after meeting with em' and working with em' on a lot of neighborhood issues it is evident that they are not qualified...the city is either unable to attract quality personal or else the political giveaways are just to predominate..I am beginning to feel the latter is the basis in this city...