August 27, 2009

Philadelphia Inquirer

Also, the editorial board of the Philadelphia Inquirer on the Philadelphia Tax Abatement program.

The abatement program is perhaps the most effective tax incentive that City Hall has to offer. Sure, the incentive is generous, essentially eliminating property taxes for 10 years on any new residential or commercial construction or major renovation.

However, that enticement is sorely needed in a city that has so many deterrents that keep away developers and residents, including high construction costs, a Byzantine development bureaucracy, an exorbitant tax structure, plus a pay-to-play culture. Until the city eliminates those barriers, the tax abatement is a necessity.


chris said...

1. "high construction costs" = Worcester
2. "development bureaucracy" (I have heard some of the permitting nightmares) = Worcester
3. an "exorbitant tax structure" (One of the highest commercial rates in the state) = Worcester
4. "pay to Play" = Worcester? - don't know about this.

I have lived in Worcester for 11 years, but grew up in Philly and this been a huge help.

Paulie's Point of View said...

Philadelphia is just a great city...I spent a weekend there last summer and perhaps one if not my most favorite trips evah