August 12, 2009

More Taxes

I don't know what to say... Now a local meals tax. How is this handled?

  1. Does the restaurant remit 7% to the Commonwealth and the Commonwealth kicks back .75% to the City of Worcester?
  2. Does the restaurant remit 6.25% for the Commonwealth and .75% to the City of Worcester with two seperate checks?

Understand the premise that we need more revenues, but maybe making a statement holding the line on these taxes would send a better message to the public? Does anyone know if any of the surrounding towns have added this tax?

It is almost like the commercial tax rate?

1 comment:

Jahn said...

More revenue.........good God....!!!!!! we need less expenses. Imagine the millions that would be realized if we did something about city employee sick day abuse and Injured on Dty abuse.

Mr Rushton said last fall on Levys show that we have 600 employees out Injured on Duty status..........can that be correct???.....if so it's 12-13% of the city workforce....!!!!! can any entity survive when such a large portion of its workforce is basiclly on extended workmens comp

The council and manger are nickel and diming all teh penny ante items yet turn a blind eye to the huge budget buster line items.

As to the meals (and room tax?) increase(s).......let teh travelers and visitors to Wocrester just go over the city line to the soon to be built new Holiday Inn Express just over the line in Shrewsbury...........Dittos for their dining needs at ........Vinny T's deck just over the lake in Shrews .....looks all the more appealing this time of year.

How about a billboard at College Sq advising all the out of town motorists to travel just over the city line into Shrews for their hotel needs at a brand new coulkd be put right smack in the middle of the vacant parcel that used to be the site of an 8 story Howard Johnsons Hotel that Holy Cross in their infinite wisdom decided to purchase and raze about 12 yrs ago.....meanwhile the state is giving Holy Crooss taxpayer $$$$$ to study the feasibility of wind turbines high atop Mount St James......what kinda spin will our local pols put on this ++++job of my tax $$$$$$$$...

Konnie & Katie will call it "green".......right...!!!!!!!! MY GREEN $$$$$$$

i CAN TWAIT TO SEE IF THE kONNIE & kATIE mayoral race turns into a real roller derby of a match..........

"and folks tonight on the inside lane we have Killary Katie and on the outside lane Konnie Pathfinder...both going in circles and neither seems to be able to find their way or keep their footing....."