March 10, 2011

21 Benefit Street

In light of Worcester Mag article this week.      21 Benefit Street was deeded via RFP in October, 2005, to for a Community Garden to complete development within two years.  Honestly don't know if this was ever done or not.  I will check out.  


Nick said...

Hmmm, there was definitely a garden there in summer 2009, when I maintained a plot there. I'm pretty sure there had been some growing done on the lot in prior years. A few legit gardeners as I remember, and they let me in too.

Jahn said...

What I'll never understand is if lot(s) are put out to bid under the guise of expanding the low income housing stock, how in the name of CDC Chieftains Steve & Stephen does the city rationalize the building of a community garden on a vacant lot that could house low income people?

Granted low income folks have to eat....but..........then there are EBT cards, WIX, school breakfasts, school lunches, and the like.