March 10, 2011

Jordan Levy Show

Doing these blogs, I try not to go on rants and stick to the facts.   Let me preface this blog by saying, this is a rant.    Today I was driving on 290 listening to Rep O'Day call into Jordan regarding his idea to increase the State Income tax from 5% to 5.90%.

The call started with Jordan questioning the Rep regarding an e-mail that he had been forwarded to him from a listener.  Evidently the original recipient had some questions regarding the Rep's idea to increase the state income tax and included what radio shows he (or she) listened to .   The Rep's e-mail response was that if the sender listened to "that radio show", why bother answering the question since the Rep would never get the sender's vote. 

I was glad that Jordan was upset by this e-mail response.  What difference does it make what radio show a constituent listens to when answering a question?   I was disappointed, however, when the Rep assured Jordan  that it was not his show, that was referenced in said e-mail and Jordan let it go.    Evidently the Rep does answer questions if you listen to the Jordan Levy, but does not answer any questions if you listen to the Jim Polito?

Later the Rep went on to say his idea would only cost a family in his district making 62,000 per year  only $10.   Wouldn't it be more like $600 per year?  The Rep should now make a call to the Jim Polito show and explain:
  1. Why he feels that anyone who listens to Jim will never vote for him.
  2. Explain how a 20% increase in the Massachusetts income tax will only cost a family in his district making $62,000 only cost them $10.
  3. Why didn't the Rep discuss his idea to increase the Massachusetts State Income tax by 20% during the election this past November.


Jahn said...

The local taking heads have me believing that ODay is (was) a state social worker.

That's all one really needs to know.

Current or former gub'mint 'eees generally are the worst people to have holding office. 2nd worst kind is is a toos up between bust out lawyers looking for a secure gig or those with littel/no marketable skiils except a pie hole that never stops yappin' & a nose that never stops growing.

We got at least 2 city councilors who have an uumbiliical cord tied to gov't work. I dont know what all of them do/did for work. We also have a 3rd CC'er who is a 24/7 advocate for Worc's schools and the school depts wasteful ways.

Jahn said...


Then there was the DPW worker who finishes up his daily gig at noontime everyday and goes to work at another job while still on the city clock until 330pm.

Then there is(was?)the city Fireman who did bookkeeping at the House for his customers in between fire dept calls.

Dittos for the Firemen who run their own building trades co's on the side who do their administrative work at the "House".

THE BS will only end when the money runs out.

Steve Foley said...

Telegram Story this morning.

Director sees Worcester airport as corporate aircraft hub

Jahn Wayne said...

i HAVE TO ASK MYSELF, DO we have a real life replica of the Nevada Cowboy Poetry Festival right here in Worcester with our own Hand It Over Theatre?

These artsy, fartsy, non gun toting, country club types with their collective noses agianst the ceiling s/b funding their own cultural endeavors.

As one talking head said last night, where in the constitution is there anything that justifies or allows cultural funding by gov't? Dittos for where in the city charter doesthe city get off handing millions to The Hand It Over Theatre?

Meanwhile, back at teh ranch, the kids Little League fields go begging, as do their summertime swimming and winter time skating needs. (FWIW IMO, the city shouldnt be in swimming or skating bizz either)

And what about my NASCAR needs? I demand gov't funding for Thompson Speedway and Stafford Springs Ct race tracks. Dittos for my grandkids dirt bike track needs and for my NRA shooting range needs.

Should it maybe really be called The Midnight Cowboys Poetry Festival? :) bRING YOUR OWN ROPE

Anonymous said...

Where did Mr. O'Day learn mathematics? The Goddard school?

We the people have limited opportunities to dissect and hear directly from candidates if we have full time jobs, families, careers and other such responsibilities.

All of the local talk guys do a good job of providing access to our elected officials, asking good questions and providing the listeners with the opportunities to interact direct with politicians that would otherwise not be available to us.

I would only point out the success that a guy named Scott Brown had by--almost daily--calling into WCRN before his last election.

The top down, knee jerk liberalism so infused in the mentality of this state and reckless spending that goes along with that have brought us debt, deficits and deception.

The one party culture of MA has been working in "groupthink" mentality for my entire lifetime.

The only folks Jim O'Day listens to are the public employees that financially support his campaign.

The only time folks like O'Day know "innovation, invention and entrepreneurism" is by finding new ways to take money out our pockets.

I mean, really. Have you even seen creative financial management out of these folks?

How much work does it take just to get the municipal unions to work creatively on health insurance group purchasing?

Folks like O'Day don't know fancy words like "innovation" unless it is another innovative way to pick our pockets.

Why doesn't he package his new proposed tax around something we could get behind like a 25 cent deposit on soda, beer and WATER bottles instead?


Nicole said...

Jahn -- I think you're conflating a bunch of different types of people (that is, not all artsy fartsy types belong to country clubs, and at least one of us non-gun-toters is married to a life member of the NRA).

You're also ignoring the fact that the government does, in fact, subsidize many sporting events and arenas. See this article for some government sponsorship of, yes, NASCAR teams:

Jahn said...

sOMETHING WAS JUST BROUGHT TO MY ATTENTION RECENTLY & maybe I am late to party on this?????

Who recalls a short while back when the state repealed a law that exempted telephone co. infrastructure (at least the poles and wires anyway?) from property taxes.

Municipalities who host phone co. personal property were allowed to tax such property if their goverance bodies saw fit to vote it in.

Fast forward ....... well it appears Ma Bell now has a line item on business telephone bills termed "Verizon Property Tax Recovery Charge".....but no such charge on personal phone bills???? Think of this as a legally extracted Platinum Premiere Pole Tax(PPPT). If you're a businessman, get wired & poled with the PPPT. Talk about holding someone hostage for dinero's

Am I hearing this correctly?

So i guess the phone co's went to the State Dept of Public Utilies seeking a rate increase b/c of their add'l tax expenses and the DPU said ya long the phone co only taxes business telephones. Voila, businesses in Mass. again take on the chin.

Using my worn out example, this is like Joe Six Pack (JSP) and Bill Businessman (BB) get in line at McD's for the $.99 cheeseburgular.......JSP pays only .99, but BB has to pay 1.99 b/c hes a fat cat businessman.

Equity, parity, fairness???

Jahn said...

Nicole, I know that. I was saying it to draw you out of the woodwork :) Welcome back!!!!!!!!

Nicole did you know most, if not all municipalities, who have ponied up money for sports arenas and like are now licking their wounds.

Worse yet, the taxpaying public, by susidizing the stadiums, essentially frees up team $$$ that should have gone to pay for the stadium, but now instead goes to raise Brendon Meriweathers rage wage, for example, from $4M to $5M.

God I'll never understand why people have no problem with Manny Ramirez pulling in $19M a year to pounds balls to the Green Monster area, yet people go ballistic over a CEO who rakes in $10M a year for successfully running a company that provides 10,000 jobs that pay $60,000 or $70,000 a year compensation

The Worcester Civic Center ..same thing.......a huge loss for the city.

Where in the Constitution or state or city charter does it say taxpayer money can be used to pay for cultural or sporting events or facilities .... or.... to feed kids at school...or....heaven forbid bus kids to school?

Nevermind the unneeded things like swimming pools, skating rinks, spray parks, urinating turtle monuments, etc


Hey, didn't the city buy all the street lights from Nat'l Grid. City I think city used to rent them from Nat'l now they own them?

Well whatever the deal was, has anyone noticed who now changes the lights bulbs that have assumed street temperature on these poles? . For years of course Nat'l/ MaSS ELEC. had a guy(s) who cruised the city in a truck(s)swapping out the dead bulbs.

Now I see what certainly appears to me to be a private contractor changing out the bulbs. It appears to me the Co's name is Theurad(?) outta Ct.(?) , yet oddly enough with Indiana tags on the trucks.

If my observations are correct, it looks to me that Worc, right out of the gate, has privatized an infrastructure service? VERY GOOD....!!!!!!