March 16, 2011

Crompton Knowles

Telegram has pictures of the demolition of Crompton Knowles. 

Sad....   I look at the building and think how it literally employed thousands and now it will become another no-low housing project that will receive millions of tax-payer monies.  There will be numerous ribbon cutting ceremonies about how great this project will be , but we are only digging a deeper whole for ourselves.


Jahn said...

I agree what a shame. I hope they're at least salvaging the old flooring planks??????? Do we know who the demo guy is? P's??

City should have just fenced that building in (8 footer with barbed wire) and leave it as is..........mothballed for at least the immediate future.........and just cut the grass if any. NO need to worry about shoveling the sidewalks for city owned property......right???

Its cheaper than throwing up a billion apt units that will send send another few hundred kids into the school sytem at $13,000 each. Just 200 kids x 13,000 = $2.6M...less what ever property taxes they get out of it.

If each apt or condo pays $2,000 annually in taxes and sends 1.3 kids in the school system. You get teh picture. Why doesnt our city council understand thsi basic 3rd grade math/ non business model.........answer ..........poorpeople vote Dumbo-cratic.

Nick said...

I don't know, these laments seem to gloss over the 30 years or so that building was shuttered. The empty CK factory looms (soon only figuratively) as a reminder of the great benefit of federal monies to our fair city.

Also, the land isn't awarded yet, is it? If it is, is financing in place? I think you guys' favorite project on Mason St. shows the pace of development common to some of these. A grassy field is better than that old dinosaur, and the neighborhood may well look nicer in 1, 2, or 6 years.

4rilla said...

Wish the knockdown would have occurred before I left town. I agree they should have left the building up and secured. Another tract of CDC housing does not really improve this area no matter what the touts have to say.