March 15, 2011

Philly Plan

Yesterday I was at a meeting of the Chandler Business Association with Congressman McGovern,   A new business-owner commented how after all his hard work and investments to make Chandler Street better all he saw from the City of Worcester was permitting fees and now much higher tax bills since his property is assessed higher.  His comment was, more or less "The City give no incentive for people to invest".

The response was that there has been some talk about a Philly type plan, but nothing has happened and we have Gateway Cities legislation coming.    Versus waiiting for Gateway Cities legislation lets put the Philly Plan in action in Worcester today.  

We need to target 25 under-utilized parcels:
  • can not be for non-profit
  • waive permitting fees
  • waive water and sewerage connections
  • lock in current assessed value for 10 years
  • ste certain standards (number of jobs to be vreated and minimum amount to be invested)
This would ensure these parcels remain on the tax rolls, pay dividends down the road and actually expand our tax base.   Taxing 4+ residential units commerically or offering tax breaks to commercial businesses with 10 or less employees does nothing to expand the tax base, it only rearranges the current taxes.

This is where Jahn is going to comment about how we need to be cutting the expenses of City Government.  Jahn, I agree!!!   We need to 1) cut expenses but 2) we need to expand the tax base.   Deal like Tri-Cab are good for the City of Worcester.  Lets do 25 more of them. 


Paulie's Point of View said...

could my new project on Chandler Street be one of them:>)

Wyatt said...


You are right on, is is IMPERATIVE that the city go after CAPITAL INVESTMENTS like never before, as other localities are eating our lunch.

In business, your company is either moving UP or DOWN, and frankly, Worcester looks more on the way DOWN, than UP.

Heck, even Fidelity moved out, why not to Worcester??? Did anyone contact them (I know a great building :-)


Signman said...

I bet the same people were there that have been there for the last six years.....and unless it was one listens...Bill we have been saying that for one is listenings...Vas kin took a dump....and look what he has done...And has I guess it was him what does he taxes....welcome to Worcester.

Jahn said...

OK you guys.....time for a reality check here.

I admire what all the time & work you folks put into trying to re-vitalize Worc, esp. your work in Piedmont with the CBA. But if you re-hab a property....expect a larger assessment. I mean what kinda restuaranteur doesnt realize that? At best it's P.P. planning.

Just b/c Worc subsidized PP for the new DA's office, doesnt mean that everyone else gets similarly subsidized

On Palies blog I see a picture of the socialist party card carrying McGovern.......AGAIN.........almost a deja vu of 6 months ago......and.....what did Mr EONS have to say about his non profit low income housing building para amors? Dittos for Babsie.

What struck me was who was not in attendance?. Namely the enforcing authority for your Mason St problems.!!!!!!!!!!! CODE DEPT !!!!!!!! Legislators have no enfocing authority. If they were there Mahoney, Elmer, Babs, et al coulda put Code's feet to the fire. I suggest there's a reason Code was not there and I also suggest the reason Mason St stays the way it is, is b/c the 800 lb elephant in the room is working, behind the scenes, contrary to your objectives

Bill, like you said all these ideas for getting a fair deal for commercial property tax payers amts to just re arranging the beach lounge chairs as the tax tidal wave arrives every 3 months.

PHilly plan does nothing but raises the taxes on all teh other RE tax payors. Nick K. referring to a small business tax break, said it would just result in a somewhat higher tax rate for larger comm. property owners. I suggest it will result in higher taxes for all property owners.

And as far defining small comm. businesses that would qualify, I own multiple small comm properties, in totality I am a larger comm. property owner with umpteen different holdings, each in a different entity name..which BTW is a good planning idea, IMO.

Worc has a cost problem, not a revenue problem.......meanwhile back at the ranch the teachers still looking for an 8.5% raise over 3 years.

Paulie's Point of View said...

I am not sure I am in agreement on a few getting breaks for rehabbing...usually ones get a break when buying one of these rehab projects if one negotiates a good deal and then down the line as one sells or the hood changes. I do like the parking zoning change in the VOP that will allow more uses for a building like I just bought...government has it's place like the overlay districts issue....