March 22, 2011


Not to be confused with City Place in West Palm Beach, visited there the other day.   Similar to Faneuil Hall in Boston and what expect the developers of CitySquare had it mind..      Absolutlely fabulous, surrounded by office buildings and condos.   


Jahn said...

Nick K today (3-23) has penned a 3 part piece The first part of this piece talks about a group of people who are taking the assesssor to task ... regarding what else........valuations and also about the assessors response to abatement requests. The reality is the assessors office is still trying to figure out how many mistakes were made when the new software system was installed.

Then fast forward....The 2nd part of Nick's piece talks again about Clarks Pilot payments in the amt of $260,000. Nick, Please, I have mentioned this before on here. You're pulling an Obama, with less than full disclosure of all the facts. Nick, honestly, you can keep your current health ins. plan :)

Here's the facts. As part of this pilot payment deal Clark U has been allowed to remove a number of formerly tax paying properties to tax exempt status. In an old post I have noted the removal of these properties will cost the city 160,000 in taxes ....not in assessemnts but in actual real tax dollars and it seems to me it entails 22(?) properties

This leaves the city with a NET PILOT pymnt of only $100,000 and of this much will go towards upgrade to the Clark environs. Basically the city taxpayers got nothing from this deal so called $260,000 Clark Pilot and I am sorry Nick, but you're guilty of misprepreseintign this pilot deal too many times In the T&G. This the 3rd or 4th time you've written with lless than full dislosure on this topic. WHY?

Now I starting to wonder about the completeness of reporting on other issues. Why will you not disclose the COMPLETE facts of this pilot deal? This not the Nick K. have been reading for how many decades now??

Anonymous said... reporting more no-lo income housing in MAin South

Unknown said...

Some good Worcester Press.