March 02, 2011

Canterbury Street School

This was really a great school when Principal Sanders was there.     I have seen it steadily decline over the years and if it were not for the homeless shelter on the corner of Cambridge and McKeown Road, I wonder how many students there would even be there?

Mark my words, this could be the next school to be tagged like Chandler and other school, forgot name, was a couple years back.   Can anyone translate this chart for me?   Click here


T-Traveler said...

not enough kids had a proficient or better MCAS score compared to all the children in the state, too many had needs improvement or warning/failure. Not to worry! most of the kids are likely not at the school any more

Jahn said...

We closed 4 schools a few years ago. Mill St, Dartmouth St, Ludlow St(?)...where Main St meeets Airport Dr..., and was the 4th Midland St? Tracey??

So you're saying that Canterbeeery Village School is a possible candidate fro getting whacked......seems to me that was just built about mid 90's or so?

They put up a few more concrete bunkered structures like that at Pleasant & Hudson Sts and more schools will be closing. The one we really need to close is the old school building on Irving St.

Fear now however, we'll soon have a new school....The Community Dev'ment Corporation Video Game Programming Institute is looking more and more like a sure bet.

Was it Fresoslo who is fronting a bill for state credits to get this assinine idea out of the cemetery where it really should stay dead & buried.

T-Traveler said...

Midland is still open

New ludlow is now an alterantive school-the JAmes Caradonio New Citizens Academy (mis-named because most pupils there are not citizens) Mill-Swan is now Head Start (there is some rule taht once Head start funds a building it can never be used as a public school again?)

From what Tracy postesd last week Canterbury may be in trouble for low test scores, not for low attendance or lack of students needed to keep it open.

Bill Randell said...


Missed Tracy's comment about Canterbury. I can tell you this, however, that there is a homeless shelter on the corner of Cambridge and McKeown.

There are ton of kids in that place that go to Canterbury. If it was not for that place the number of students there would be cut dramatically.

How bad are the Canterbury scores? I can not figure out those charts.


mcabral said...

I can translate the chart for you anytime. Just bring it in. But basically the thing to look at is the amount of kids who are needs improvement and failure. Those are kids that are in dire straits educationally. Many of them go to more than 1 school in a year. Some are even going from district to district. Canterbury opened in 1987 I was supposed to be the first 6th grade teacher there until I got a better offer. The original principal was Mr. Trainor. He was great. The whole area has been on the decline and no one has put the necessary money...Sad.
M. Cabral

T-Traveler said...

"amount of kids who are needs improvement and failure. Those are kids that are in dire straits educationally. Many of them go to more than 1 school in a year. Some are even going from district to district.

i agree, but money won't fix this, although well-spent money could make a difference. More than enuf money has been spent in this neighborhood.

Tracy Novick said...

Sorry to have been out of the loop.
Bill, the kids who live on the corner of Cambridge and McKeon go to Quinsigamond; they don't go to Canterbury.
(You can find the street list here ; they recently redid it so you can sort by school.)
I don't have numbers on New Citizens, but we get large numbers of kids that are fleeing situations in their home countries that make it impossible to return; I suspect many are on the road to citizenship. New Citizen takes kids who are three years or more behind on schoolwork, which gives you some idea of what their lives so far have been like.
As I posted on my blog, I asked about a new Level 4 list; it's coming out this fall. No word on how long and if there will be money attached. The last bill past by Congress substantially cut the funds for what we call Level 4 (School Transformation Grants). I don't know what sort of conversation this becomes with no money attached.