March 04, 2011

Mason Street

As you know we have been talking about this for years on this blog and Paulie's blog.  What you might not know is that the Sunday Telegram is writing a story about this.    I urge everyone to please try to read this.

After reading keep in mind that there could be a story like this every Sunday for the next ten weeks detailing the monies behind these no-lo projects.   

My hope is that people will take a step back and take a look at our housing policy the past ten years to simply "keep building  more and more no-low housing wherever you can with no limit in sight".     Click here to see my map. 

Let me ask you this, is it just coincidence that the schools where most of these monies have been invested are under-performing and foreclosures are extremely high?   These developments do not solidy the neighborhood and I dare say they bring them down!

Now the people, who are opposed to this, and invested in No-Lo development will come out against this story hard.   In fact they will say they need even more money to continue the current housing policy and do more projects.  

You be the judge drive around the areas on my map and ask yourself if the current housing policy is working?    Read this editorial. 


Jahn said...

I'd like to add something to our death pool here.

1-800-Joe 4 Oil.

I have to wonder how long this so called non profit is going last now that Wwashington DC will be taking a meat cleaver to teh fed'l budget fat and now that Teddy Kenn. has assumed cemetary temperature and with it his political clout as well.

Joe Kenn pulls in $600,000 annual salary plus I assume, a car and a nice bennie package for this gig.

Joe 4 Oil functions in what could best be described as a brokerage for heating oil. They Buy it from Brutus Chavez, store it in rented facilities at Boston area fuel farms, and then distribute it to needy households via local oil delivery firms.

If I am living in Idaho, for example, I am curious what Joe 4 Oil does me? Is the Bostaon area the only beneficiary of this gubmint pork project largess, which unlike most pork projects, never ends....unless one believes in global which point 1-800- Joe 4 Oil would probably morph into 1-800 Joe Fo AC

When Martha Croakley was on Jordans show Thursday afternoon pi++ing and moaning about non profit executive salaries, I wonder did anyone hear her complaining about this outlandish $600,000 gig that Joe Kenn oversees?

Now what is it that Carr says about our last and current State DA's????...something to the effect the best place to hide anything from these two jokers and is in a law book or I might add.... in a legislators WonderBra...whilst en route to Wonderland....opps I meant Foxwoods

Worcester GOP said...

Look at the Race Pimp that is our Mayor