March 10, 2011

Massport Director Talks about ORH

Telegram Story


Jahn said...

"Mr. Kinton, who will retire in June after 35 years at Massport, said improvements at the airport would complement recent upgrades to the area's highways and train service."

Recent highway upgrades? OK we got the Mssspike 290 connector. Which ones am I forgetting?

This man has been at the helm of Massport for 35 years and therefore by default at the helm of WOrc Airport, too for 10 years, almost one year of which they have owned the place.

Ask yourself what's been accomplished in the 9 years they basically rented the place from Worc for free and the almost 1 year they have owned it????

Here's what has happened...........Allegiant airlines for 1 yr. and Direct Air for 1.5 yrs including 2 winter flying seasons.

I mean come on.....Massport has failed WORC aIRPORT FOR A DECADE.........the city continually hooks up with these folks who take forever to perform and/or walk away. Worc is like the ugly duckling that cant find mate and who continually falls for lifes losers

City Sq I
City Sq II
Worc Common Grds
Community Jardin-Benefit St.
Common Skating Rink

Paul Shea said...

I think they see that the airport my valuable in 2024, so they are content just hanging on to it for now. They have no real interest in doing anything at the airport right now, they simply just want to have it available to them in the future.