March 14, 2011

Asian Beattle

Four large trees cut down on Drummond, runs between Holden and Gorve Street over the past couple of weeks.     Looks like this thing was not contained in Harry T's hood and is traveling throughout the City of Worcester.


jahn said...

Speaking of beetles and bugs, all I hear from Worc Airport is are cricketts. BTW, how's that name change to Boston-Worcester Airport working out?

And speaking of criketts, not a peep out of the city council over having to fork over $350,000 to the IRS b/c city basically ++++ed up. Assuming the state authorites arent sleeping, look for them to now come in and grab their piece of the action less the Medicare portion of the problem.

Talk about a bunch hibernating Hibernians running this town.....seeems all anyone cares about is their 30yrs of civil servitude and their 80% kiss in the mail each year until they assume room temperature. 70% kiss if the spouses longevity is factored into the equation.

Tracy Novick said...

Commissioner Moylan tonight at Council said they've found 30-40 trees in the Drummond neighborhood.

Jahn said...

Tracey, the same contractors who have done all of the beetle work from the Northshore...Mayer...I think it is?....are now out around Wachusett Res....but I am not sure if they're just doing watershed tree thinning/logging or if they're "beetling?"