March 13, 2011

Northborough Tax Bills have dropped

Why?  Another good story in the Globe.    Did they come up with new tax classifications?  No, they reduced tax bills by increase their base. 

Unlike in the vast majority of communities in Massachusetts, Northborough homeowners on average will pay less in property taxes this year, largely because Northborough Crossing and the nearby Avalon Bay Communities apartment complex have increased the local tax base by almost $35 million, the town finance director, June Hubbard-Ward, said.


Jahn said...

Certainly these large comm. properties in N'boro help to hold down the RE taxes. Please note that i said RE taxes and not the tax rate or teh assessed value. We have to look at actual $$$$ spent by a homeowner and not the rate or the ass'ed value.

What is not being said in NB is that NB does not have large, densely built, low income housing facilities. Imagine if either of these dev'ments were low income housing instead of market rate apts or a mall. If they were densely built, low income housing, NB's school system would experince a tidal wave of students floooding the schools. This is what brings a municipality to its financial knees.

Of course the folks in NB are not stupid, they aint going to tell the newsparer the real reason NB is holding the line on RE taxes....esp. given the fact NB is probably way under the 10% low income threshold.

We should rename Worcester, Ma. "14%-ville" given our love affair with low income housing.

Bill Randell said...


Thas was kind of my point, although I did not say it clearly.

I love this new term "rearranging seats on the Titanic". That is what we are doing here when we are talking about new tax classifications.

We need to focus on attracting investors to increase our tax base. The Philadelphia Plan or Gateway Cities that needs to be our focus.


Jahn said...

You knew what my response would be when u posted thsi thread :)

However, sorry no Philly Plans or at least no "prepaid" Philly Plans. If ya wanna build in Worc., we'll give ya tax break after you've been here in Worc. paying taxes for 10 years and attained all of your stated goals.

Would you let a tenant live rent free for 2 years if at the end of those 2 yrs they agree to put a new roof on the house? I wouldnt. My motis operandi, is perform then you get paid.

Bill Randell said...

Although that may more sense, it will attract nobody to come to Worcester.

Anonymous said...

Jahn, Northboro is over the 10% affordable housing theshhold. Read the article.

Jahn said...

Sorry, i didn tsee anything in the article about the 10% factor?