March 31, 2011


Every two years at election time, we hear people running for office saying they want to become more "business friendly" to increase the Commercial Tax base.    Instead we have
  1. FOG or grease traps
  2. proposal to tax 4 units commercially
  3. Local meals tax
Now we want to ban certain businesses from selling cigarettes?    Let's take an example of the pharmacy on the corner of Park Ave and May Street.   The owners are already trying to compete with Walgreens and CVS, that just opened next door, now they have to tell customers to go across the street to the 7-11 to buy their cigarettes. 

These changes will do nothing to curtail smoking but only redistribute current sales, hurting some businesses while helping others.   More importantly it just sends another non-friendly business message.

This is the exact type of thing where the Chamber of Commerce is suppose to make their voices heard? 

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Jahn said...

Anyone ever notice how the smallest pitbulls on the City Council seem to make the most noise.

Well fear not b/c tomorrow (4-1) new laws go into effect for pitbulls. Hopefully the new definition of pitbull will require certain city C's to be registered at City Halls wedding chapel where for $50 (all of which goes into the citys coffers) the pitbull will be issued a specail canine registration in additon the usual annually issued dog tag. Said pitbull will also be req'd to see a veternarian w/in 30 days of so registering.

Bill you talk about being in a F.O.G. This city council is worried about cigartees and pit bulls...meanwhile everything else is left in a fog and forgotteen about not the least of which is our traditionally fogged in airport. The chamber of commerce is also in a FOG? Pajama people wander the city and they are fogged in all day. City Sq has been in a cloudy haze since Tom Hoovers days. We have fogged in houses the assessors have not assessed since 1985 and our councilors walk around in fog thinking all is well in Worcester. Maybe Worc s/b renamed London, given all the fog here

Frankly I think I'd better off snowed in on April Fools Day than fogged in, in Worcester.