October 01, 2012

Allen Fletcher

Central Mass Chronicles

Why don't you get some priavte developers on your show who invest in Main South

As far as 5 May Street goes, we agree.   The private developer in this case ripped off the City of Worcester and never should have been advanced monies as the projected progressed.

Can someone find this episode on-line..  


David Z. said...


I just tried to find it on the website for Charter Channel 3 and You Tube. It doesn't appear as though it has been uploaded yet. It may take a few days for the Channel 3 website to have it available.

Anonymous said...

Private developers that invest in Main South? I can think of opnly 2: Clark University and the Dunkin' Donuts folks who redid the corner, sidewlaks and walls of Main & Hammond and the adjacent schoolyard

Bill Randell said...


You are right. Those are the only two. For the hell of it maybe you should look up Hampton properties locarted in Worcester.

I can name about 10 others...


Jahn said...

Anonymous, Clark U also stole Downing St and created the Downing St Summer 2012 Dust Bowl. Dont ya just love These Clark U protect the enviroment types operate? They Probably also are driving their Appalachian coal fired Priuses with KWC bumpaaaaah stickers.

David, I think the dev'er of Junction Block District intends to go after market rate tenants. Sorry I just cannot see market rate, non subsidized tenants in that area. I hope I am wrong. The road to hades is paved ................

Speakign of Clark U, maybe I never noticed it before but Clark now as van that evidently shuttles the students around the immediate Clark area. Nice. Only think is the van goes up and down Park Ave/Clark area with a darn flashing orange light just to shuttle students to Honey Farms, CVS, Walgreens, Lietrims, State liqours, etc. Why the flashing orange light on the roof? To the unfamiliar that might look light an energency vehicle light in the rearview mirror. Is a beer run or an EZ wider run an emergency. Wonder if the van goes to Auburn for blunts. Curious Bill if that van ever ventures over the east side of Main St and you see some Clark U cha ching in your cash register...across the tracks as it is known.

Jahn said...

<<< Trolling for comments on a recent T&G article :)

And speaking of Real estate investments.... a hockey rink in the library parking lot? Surely they jest?

And of course those who want it expect some one else to build it and pay for it?

Sorry, but IMO that real esate is far too valuable to use for a hockey rink, even if downtown Worc is still NOT out of the doldrums a few years from now. However, here's to hoping it is.

A Hat Trick of arenas for downtown Worc???.....DCU, The Common, and the Library.

BTW, is that Common ice rink finally been made functional other than for just its summertime trifecta of chairs, umbrellas and tables?