October 10, 2012

Wrap Replacement

Zig Zag has Cigarillos. What are these?  They are wraps now with tobacco in them.  People buy these, dump the tobacco and you have a wrap.


Jahn said...

Back to the future?

Never underestimate private sector marketing efforts. That said this move was almost a no brainer.

SO how does the price of the loaded blunt compare to the unloaded blunt and is blunt a generic term or a brand name? I never smoked but I inhaled enuff barroom 2nd hand smoke back in younger days....smoke emananting from both legal and illegal sources.

Bill what is WGC up to at the site of their old offices on Bellview St. Triplex?

Steve Foley said...

Can we now expect an emergency meeting of the city council to address this new threat to the city?

Jahn said...

Please do not tell me that CC Palmieri will agian be grandstanding on this issue. Isnt he the CC that dreams up all these so called health isues, so that he as head of teh CCs Health subcommittee (or what ever it is called) can get some face time in front of the camera.

Later when I have some more time I will tell you what is a real "health" issue in the Green Island area. LIfe & Death kinda health.

Steve Foley said...

"Life and Death kinda health in the Green Island area" - sounds like Kelly Square at 5pm

Jahn said...

Steve, excellent. To be precise the bike path which until yesteday I had only exp'ed on Water St. Yesteday I drove Millbury St from Lafayette St through Kelly Sq to Water St to Grafton st.

This stretch of roadway is a pedestrian or a bicyle accident waiting to happen b/c everything is soooo narrow.

Trucks as a small as 1/2 ton PU's can barely fit into the narrowed parking slots. Both Sts. being retail district HAVE to get daily curbside deliveries brought by larger box trucks. These Trucks have mirrors that protrude from both sides making passage on Water st difficult and If one truck is trying pass along side another it's a dam near miss. Get a situation where where two trucks are parked opposite each other on both sides of the St and you have worse than a near miss if that is Possible. Fire turcks & ambulances are both large sized trucks.

Am I allowed to drive in bike lane if i dont see any bikes infromt of me? BTW, I Aint seen a bike yet in at least a dozen trips the last few weeks. If I am allowed to drive in bike then I have to continually watch my mirror in case I have to pull back into the driving lane if a bike is coming up behind me so that means I have to continually keep takign my eyes off of what is ahed of me.

The Stop line at Harrison and Water is back so far that you have to stop at the line then slowly pull forward to see beyond the sides (up and down Harrison) of both the Broadway and and Womag buildings before proceeding and of course that intersection has heavy foot traffic all day.

Everything has been so narrowed that there is very limited room to open my car door so I can retrieve and nice Cookie from the bakery and both tires are up against the curb.


Jahn said...

As you approach Kelly Sq from HIllbury St the sign says Bike lane ends with a dotted line but the bike lane solid lines continue to KS? WTF am I supposed to do? However, I want to double check this again. Maybe I am misundertanding something.

At Hillbury & KS the travel lane is pushed way over the left side of Hillbury St and you have to drive uphill (from left to right) through KS to get re-aligned with the travel lane as you approach Water St.

Interestingly enough, there are no marked travel lanes or Bike lines through KS from Hillbury St to Water St. You're on youre own!

Just what Worc traffic needs ......another source of vehicular traffic (bicycles) feeding into KS.

I have to think this is what you get when you just grab at free any fed'l money. I have to believe this is the doing of Jim McGovernment and his Green pals. (No pun).

This is insanity. Bicycles, already narrowed older city sts made even narrower, plus ya got the 1:00am crowd emptying onto the streets in this area and then into their cars.

Mark my words, we're staring tragedy in the face with this boondoggle. If I was tort barrister, I'd have billboard sized sign in the area: Jahn's Tortorria Law Office.

Plus I see new eateries in there or being built.........great!!!.........but still more traffic.

Jahn said...

OK Enough of Zig Zagging along Millberry & Water Sr to the Broadway which is actually now on a very Narrow Way. (Wonder why that restaurant is known as the Broadway?) CAnt be named after I- 290 b/c i thi.k it was there before I_-90

Zig Zagging through the Clark Univ area lately I couldnt help but notice high atop the aluminum lamp posts that line the streets in that area are what I will call 2 flood light type devices each pointing in the opposite direction and slightly set at an angle so thAT they further illuminate the sidewalk area both up and down the street.

These lights are rectangular with about a square foot (+/-) of glass lenses. SOme of them have what I will describe as a Blue lens attached to them. This is the exact same shade of blue that police car flashing lights have. The blue lighs are not illuminated but given an emergency probably they could be lit up if need be or possibly flashed? (thought only cops cars could have flashing blue lights?) Mind you what i saw is on the Park Ave Side of the campus which probably gets more foot traffic.

Does anyone know what these are all about? Is this added illumination found anywhere else in the city...e.g. in Big Daddys Piedmont Village?

On information and belief, Nat'l Grid used to own the street lights and the city paid to light them. But this changed a few years. The lamp posts were sold to the city and I believe this is why I now see company from Wilmington doing the maintenance on them. I.e. it is cheaper for the city to farm out this job than use SEIU employees to do it.

BTW these extra lights "appear" to be newly installed fixtures. The support pieces that attach them to lamp post are brand spankin' new.

SO my questiosn are?

a. What is with the abundance of this extra illumination on lamp posts in CU area?

b. Is this done elsewhere in the city and if so where?

c. Who actually owns the extra light fixtures?

c. If CU owns them, is CU paying rent for the use of the city owned lamp post.

d. AM I correct in assuming the CC authorized this. If so, when?

e. Is this per chance part of Clarks Pilot Payment deal with the
city whicH I have refered to in the past as A Reverse Pilot Pymt b/c the city seems to be doing all the paying and giving away? E.g. Downing St....and CU it seems is always on the receiving end vs the giving end. A Bass Ackwards Pilot deal if ever there was one.

f. Who is paying for the electricity to energize these add'l lights?

I had more questions but I forgot what they were. They will come to me.

70's Sunday !!! :)