October 12, 2012

Worcester Editorial

The Worcester Election Commission last Thursday showed wisdom and restraint by putting off any call for investigation into alleged voter intimidation or other problems at certain polling spots during the Sept. 6 primary election.

The commission’s Sept. 10 meeting featured numerous speakers who raised the rhetorical stakes to absurd heights. The hyperbole included references to Selma, Ala., two declarations that Worcester is “not Ohio,” and one activist repeatedly tossing about the word “fascists.” We’re not sure what Ohio has to do with anything, and we haven’t seen any real-life fascists marching in Worcester.

The evidence presented so far paints a picture of organizations that, while on opposite sides of the political fence, share the goal of ensuring that everyone who is legally entitled to vote has the opportunity to do so. Add to that a bit of confusion over some of the finer points of election law, and you have a situation that calls for a re-emphasis on mutual respect and better training for poll workers and watchers.

That’s exactly the direction the Election Commission chose Thursday night. The result should be a hard-fought, but smoother and calmer Election Day ahead

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