October 21, 2012

Jetblue prediction

Time running out on October prediction???


jose said...

i think so, after the timeline of the cat 3 and other upgrades, no one will commit until upgrades or completed or atleast halfway through, a show of good faith by massport. what about the local residents? do they get to vote on this? im sure they are not happy with the plans, the noise pollution and increase in traffic

Jahn said...

I thought I read about a $32mILLION "investment" (a term I use very loosely) which will take somehting like 2-3 years to complete? JB says they need the upgraded system, therefore JB is 2-3 years out?

The reality is that $32M to land even a mere 10-12 daily flights is an unbelievably bad investement and in fact is just another Solyndra type waste plus JB is probably only talking a few flights per week and not the 10-12 I mentioned above.

Before even $32.00 is invested, nevermind $32,000,000, would someone at least please look at the pay back.. Guess what! There aint none!

Lastly in this day and age where is Uncle SAm going to come up with $32M, not to mention that Massport is being sued for billions over their alleged negligence on 9-11-01.

Please let us remember we built a new terminal in 1995 to the tune of what.... $16M? The only that brought to the airport was more deer on the runways. Time to shutter that money pit.

Bill Randell said...

The investement will be not as much as they say, will be done and be done quicker then they forecast

jetBlue will fly out of ORH in 2013 and in ten years will be a boon to the Worcester economy