October 23, 2012

Report slams distressed properties

That is the title in the Telegram today.  In the words of Yogi Bera, I am having deja vu all over again.  For the second time in ten years, RKH has provided a report on the state of the Housing markets in Worcester that is dead on.   For the second time in ten years the people who have a vested interest that the current Housing plan does not change will attack this report.   The only question is will the City Council a) cave to these factions or b) take the findings of the report seriously?

Here are some highlights:

  • City exceeds the state wide mandate of 10%
  • The city should MAINTAIN the current supply.  In other words do not ADD TO IT!!!
  • It is estimated that about 33,600 households would qualify for income based housing in Worcester which represents 49 percent of all households in the city.

Read that last bullett again!!!  Can't wait to watch the spin tonight at City Council or tomorrow in the newspaper on how wrong this report is and how we need to continue what we are doing.  

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