October 27, 2012

Winn Development at Trade School

Winn did a great job on the Chevalier Building..  Good mix of housing and adequate off street parking.    Project looks great!

I am sure they will do a good job on the Trade School.  Some of these projects, especially an older building like the Trade School simply can not be renovated 100% with private dollars since the corresponding monthly market rental rates would not cover the costs. They utilize grant monies for "affordable" housing to leverage the project and make the project feasible.   These are good projects.  

Again these are good projects, spur investments into an area and should be supported.   Check out the Canal Lofts website and drive by this project, this a great project.


Jahn said...

Good projects...HUH....???? at 357,000 per unit?? Surely you jest! Raze the place and put up a parking lot, at least for now.

Just more wizzzing away my tax dollars.

Bill, maybe I am mis- understanding you? It seems the low income housing logic is going circles? WE DONT NEED ANYMORE w/o re: to who biulds it.

Bill Randell said...

I need to look at the financing on the Trade project but there was, I believe, majority of private monies..

84 unit mixed use project where the city gets 1.7 million..

When this is done this is going to look great and fit into the Gateway park and surrounding perfectly

This is a winner . I wish the prject could be 100% market, but the City of Worcester is not there yet?? There is no way this project can get done without leveraging a portion with grant monies dedicated to "affordable" housing

This is a smart project