October 09, 2012

Two deeds done the same day

Imagine if anyone else did this??

  1. Company A (for profit) says to Company B (non-profit), hey I need some helping gettting 300K from the US Govt.
  2. Company A wants to deed property to Company B so they can get 300K from the EPA and will not have to pay it back since Company B is a non profit.
  3. Company B is worried about any liabilities that could come back at them
  4. Company A says do not worry we will have another deed the same day deeded it back to me but we need to wait until we get all the monies and the property is signed off
  5. Once that is done then we can record the deed retroactively.    

1 comment:

Dr Fill said...

Do they have a building permit or in its place a special permit to dump fill? For the 2nd time in almost as many years fill is being dumped there again.

From my observations this 2nd dumping has been going on for about a month.

All this past weekend a 950 Cat Loader has been parked there with a certain local excavating contractors name on it. Appears some of the piles have been flattened so as to not create 8% or greater slopes, which is another zoning ord regulation.

On another note, at least they cut down all the 4 ft ragweed in Late August which is better than some city, ragweed infested, unpassable sidewalks that I see.

Gives new meaning the generally accepted excavating contractors term, "cut & fill"