October 26, 2012

GKH latest phase -- 293,000 per unit

There was a story in the Telegram today that the last phase consisting of 22 units cost $6,450,000.    Lets just look at the numbers.  That equates to 293,000 per rental unit.    Assume for a second this is the way we address the Worcester Housing Policy.

How many units can we do when they cost nearly 300,000 per rental unit?  

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Jahn said...

Bill, you stole my thunder. When I read this piece 2 days ago the price per unit at Gardner Kilby Hammond also leaped out at me.

We need to get Worcesterites to put one of those decals on their car rear windows with the letters GKH...you know like they do for resort destinations , e.g. ACK ( Nantucket I think?), WB(Wells beach),or HB (Bar Harbor). GKH could be come a destination address!

The above said, the price per unit of Winn's latest proposal at Boys Trade is $357,000 per unit! W/o regard to for profit or non profit dev'ers this is still an outrageous and waste of taxpayers money. Plus the Boys Trade project is far too dense. More dense than even Worc. Common GRDs project on MAY St. Also the proposed parking at Boys Trade is completely inadequate. Was it 42 spaces for 84 units.....1/2 the req'd amount. If you're renting to market rate and working low income folks...rest assured most of those families will have at least 1.5 cars per family on average. I mean come on. WTH are people supposed to park? Northworks?

Winns deal at Boys Trade is just more densely built, 1/2 low income dev'ment which is something we both feel is already overdone in Worcester and the recently completley housing study states similarly.


You cant have it both ways. Time for Winn to back to Winn St in Burlington before they further decimate Worc's housing demographics. MArk my words they will eventually exceed the 42 low income apts that they are projecting for the Boys Trade site.