October 10, 2012

Picture Above

note the names

Worcester Common Ground now says they basically have nothing to do with this?? 

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Jahn said...

Who is the CEO at WCG now that the former boss has moved on?

Did anyone see todays letters to the editor (10-10) touting one Worc 3rd grade class as having the highest group MCAS scores in the state. Agreed, congratulations are in order for the kids but is this letter to the editor really a true accounting of City wide MCAS sCORES when no mention is made as to how all the other 3rd grades in the city's 15 or 20 other elementary schools performed? I say at most, give this one 3rd grade class a prize....maybe a $20 gift certificate and be done with it. Not even sure we should do that, but hey I'd be called a meanie otherwise. I can assure you if didnt bring home all A's and B's I would almost have go to confession on Saturday afternoon :).

This hardly calls for spiking the ball and pointing the fingers skyward. Enough with the chest thumping. Next time it will an automatic $5,000 penalty.

And also BTW let us not forget the taxpayers pay for an education K-12, yet the 12th grade MCAS test that is necessary to graduate is a 10th grade level exam....baSically 83% attainment Since when do I have to pay Price Chopper $10.00 for only $8.33 worth of Pecan Sandies? Talk about the taxpayers getting chopped off at the knees.