October 18, 2012

Jay Givan Blog

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I personally have never heard of this!!  

State rep candidate Winthrop Handy, an independent business owner of 36 years, in six simple words, got to the heart of this year’s election issue at GoLocalWorcester’s debate, asking incumbent democrat Jim O’Day “How do you create a job?”    O’Day didn’t answer despite the four day preparation time Handy gave when he said he was going to ask the question at the WB debate.

The answer is simple, but an issue raised by candidate Bill McCarthy may get traction. He asked if Rep O’Day is paying federal income taxes due to a federal law allowing legislators living 50 miles or more from the state house to deduct their federal income tax share for those days while in session. O’Day, by a Google Map directions search, places him 50.2 miles from Beacon Hill, and according to the original 2010 WCVB report, ‘Beacon Hill’ has technically been in session since 1988.


Signman said...

I heard this on the radio yesterday. Amazing ..do as I say not as I do... I want more of your money but don't touch mine...of course he is not paying. By not answering? This should made public... Talk about lop holes..AMAZING!

Jahn said...

So the Worc Hysterical Commission tells the Worc Hysterical Museum they can not remove the original, architecturally correct doors on the museum and replace them with with something new and different. I have to wonder if maybe the Museum is in line for a fed'l "green" grant to make the museum more energy efficient and new "green doors" are mandated by the grant. Two govt agencies at loggerheads with two contradictory, completely opposite missions. Gotta kinda wonder what's "Behind the Green Door"? Some of you youngsters wouldnt understand :).

Then quickly over to another T&G story and Washington is giving a prize of 50K to anyone who develop technology that can stop so called illegal robo calls, many of which are scammers. Interestingly enough, as many may know, politicians and non profits are exempt from the robo calling laws? More do as I say, not as I do hypocrites. The heck with a 50K prize, I will give 250K to anyone who can stop the barrage of political robo calls in the next couple of weeks.

Looks like the CC made the DPW do a bow at the Salisbury-Forest Street altar. Bunch of whiners!

I recall back in the mid 80s they moved 2 decent sized houses from Dean St/WPI out to the Assumption College area resulting in 3/4 of a mile of tree limbs having to get amputated. The west side whiners were out en masse. All that weekend they were rip ++++ at WPI for not just knocking down the houses. HOw "green" huh? Raze two perfectly good brick colonials and cart em to a landfill vs re-locating them. Hypocrisy !

I hope the traffic doesnt
end up backing up to further out on suburban Salisbury St :)

David Z. said...

Off topic Bill; October is quickly coming to a close and still nothing from JetBlue.

Jahn said...

Here's one for you folks from the T&G ..... lifted verbatim


WORCESTER — U.S. Rep. James McGovern’s office announced Friday that the Worcester Housing Authority will receive $240,000 in federal funding to help people find housing self-sufficiency.

The funding is from the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, through the ROSS program. The program hires service coordinators to help residents achieve economic and housing self-sufficiency. The funds are designed to give residents a path to transition out of public housing, according to Mr. McGovern’s office.

To steal anothers line...you can not make this stuff up !!!!


May I ask WTH this means?

We need $240k to tell someone that 1st they need a job before they can find any kind of self sufficiency?

Last I knew the WHA was also in the birth control business of some sort?

I am having a deja vu. Did I maybe already post this awhile back? If I did sorry for the redundancy.

Claude P. Dorman & Kunigunde Cigan Dorman - Worcester Wonderland said...

Next there will be a Federal grant to tell em' to put the toilet seat up when pissin' and to then put down......

jahn said...

Mr Dorman, in that same vein they never seem to know that they have to close the front door to their apt. block.

Must be the same folks who weigth 350 lbs and wear short pants outside in January?

ALso in the same vein todays T&G brings up the "Better Life" program also run by WHA. Supposedly this program helps WHA tenants to move out of their subsidized apts into their own unsubsidized housing. RIGHT, who in their right mind would give up that rent free life? Frankly, If I was living in a housing project I would ask to go the head of the line for the $513,000 apts at Main & Madison.....even w/o any parking for my Toyota, Honda, or Escalade.

How about we start a new Poor Farm? At least would could some fruits & veggies out if it and it would foster self sufficiency and pride. No large leafed green plants please.

I got me two 16 0z'ers and an 11oz bag o'chips for tonights fight :). The hell with the cholesterol for one night