October 13, 2012


The City should find a way to offer the entire site (SWIP) to Polar Corp. for below-market value, with property tax incentives (a TIF deal, to promote actual development by Polar).   

if not Polar,  P &  W Railroad or what the hell CSX?     Or an Absolute Machine or a Dave Carlson!!        

Eighteen friggin years, bet you 15 million dollars?  and not one friggin job! 


Signman said...

Think abut it you show a photo of royal linens this had a chance to stay commercial and the planning department told the local oil guy they did not want business they wanted housing. They basicaly told him not to bid. Per the r g b ?? Study they re zoned it redisdential which we fought and they made it b g 3 . Actually I remember being with the city planner and he questioned where I was located it and how did it affect me.... Why i was questioning the zone cahnge...Long of the story this city lives in a bubble or in fantasy land on their ideas.
Polar? They were smart they bought and moved some of their stuff to Auburn... Cheaper taxes and a town that worked with them..The city should have given it to anyone who would have developed properly...gave them no real estate taxes for ten years and with both locations would have been better off.

Jahn said...

I must be reading somethign wrong ????? The city manager is going to ask for private donations totalling 125k to finish up his ice skating rink on the common? Ya gotta be kidding me! you telling me This cant be funded out of our mandated quarterly "donations" to the city treasury. What's next, the DPW needs donations for a new front end loader?. Sorry but City Hall is starting to act like a PAP (Park Avenue Panhandler).

And high school principal(s) and others come to see a dam movie director speak on the topic of bullying. HUH? Like a guy who merely directed a movie about bullying is some kind of an authority on the topic? What's next? The city calls on a porn movie director to talk on the topic of Main South prostitution, drug addition, & STD's?

David Z. said...

I believe the $125K is for operating costs and maintenance for the ice skating rink for the planned 3 months it will operate. This is very similar to what they do in Providence for their DT ice rink where private businesses offset the operating expenses.