March 21, 2009

1:00PM Today Marble Street

Rumor has it Governor Patrick, Lt Governor Murray, Senator Kerry amongst others will be at the Marble Street apartments at 1:00PM to announce one of the economic stimulus plans. I have been told it is an increase for food stamp and welfare recipients.

What better place to make the announcement then the No Income District of Worcester.


Anonymous said...

How no-one has made any "Dawn over Marble(Street)head" jokes yet is beyond me ... maybe all the bloggahs are sleeping in today?


Harry T
Worcester, MA

Jahn said...

Harry, I was thinking that our Washington delegation surely is losing their marbles.......but thtas a worse joke than Nobama On Leno the other night

BTW, why isn't Mcgovern going to be there........God he inserts add'l food stamp provisions (no pun)in every bill he sees. Maybe Fidel needs to see him........another international trade mission for Havana Jim

Ya think Kerry would do a similar Photo op for the poor on Nantucket in Early August as he's headed to go surfing with the plumbers and electricians or maybe go hunting with them so he can score another 16 point buck........G.D. joke all of em......

Jennifer said...

The event held at Marble Street Apartments announced the Stimulus monies for Massachusetts that directly impact the Elder Nutrition Program which provides hot nutritious noon time meals to the Elderly of our community as well as Meals on Wheels for the homebound elderly. It was held at Marble Street Apartments because that is where one of six Elderly Dining Centers in the city is located. The SNAP program, formerly known as food stamps was also a part of the announcement, but the highlight of the event was the Elder Nutrition Program.

Bill Randell said...


I read that too. I saw the part about 2.1 million for nutrition programs and senior centers and 700K for home delivered meals for elderly and that was, in fact the highlight of the Marble Street Press Conference. Don't think any, at least myself, do not have a problem with that.

At the same time 2.1 millions in comparison when the total 300 million. It looks to me that the remaining 297.9 million will be going be going to low income individuals and families in the form of an 18% increase in their food stamps.