March 15, 2009

Springfield Gets It!

Two Sprigfield City Councilors and a State Rep are opposing a low income development by Winn Management in Springfield. Click here for story.


Jeff Barnard said...

It's too late for Springfield.

Bill Randell said...

What does that say about Worcester, when Springfield realizes the problem and we do not??

Jeff Barnard said...

Well... I'd have to guess that *denial* is a very powerful force in our city. It's a force that should never be underestimated.

Jahn said...

Let me tell you about denial in Worc...............finacial denial..........this city and others are so upside down with future benefits due to retirees for pension, health ins., & accumulated sick leave.....that is beyond pitiable.

Problem is that all municipalities are in teh same boat so they all think it's OK. If everyone that you know is upside down on their home, then you are less likely to worry about being upside down on your own home. It's the misery loves company thingie.......not unlike the Reverend Jim Jones and his clan of Pumpkin-heads.

Receivership will soon be the only option..........maybe even starting with Calif and then NYC. Factoid: 72% of either the cops or firemen or both in NYC retire on disabilty pension.