March 01, 2009

Part 1 Hanover Insurance Has Given $3,000,000

Hanover Insurance has been able to pay $3,000,000 for the Hanover Theatre. Great story in the Boston Herald Today.


Jahn said...

Quote from the attached Boston Herald story:

"Eppinger has initiated a companywide program called “Buy Worcester Now,” which offers a $5,000 incentive to any employee who buys a home in what Eppinger likes to call “our world-class small city.” (i.e. Worcester....also note the wording "OUR" & NOT HIS CITY ??)

And I cant find an Eppinger listed in Worc. property tax records, but I can find "A" Fred Eppinger 50 yrs old listed in Springfield........same guy????..... do as I say, not as I do??....give him the benefit of the doubt maybe??? A Fred Eppinger & his family are already firmly established in Springfield.

Wormtown Taxi is right about how these journlaists slant articles and leave the pubilc with teh impression of things that may not nec. be true.

Sprout said...

I'm 99.9% sure the Eppingers live in Grafton.