March 27, 2009

Bar at the airport?

APRIL 2, 2009 License Commission Hearing

Copy to: City Manager Time: 10:00 a.m.
City Clerk Room: Esther Howland Chamber

9:00 a.m. Mirage Express, 375 Airport Drive


Steve said...


The last I heard, nothing could be done until more plumbing was done. From what I remember, the restaurant area did not have rest rooms, and could not be used until that was resolved.

Maybe they're planning on putting something downstairs.

Will the license commission issue a new license, or does it have to be transferred from somewhere? I believe the license from the old Airport Lounge was transferred to Coes Cafe.

Bill Randell said...

I actually watched Game 7 between the Mets and Sox in 1986 at the Airport Lounge.

Sprout said...

Spoke w/ the folks at Le Mirage (who run the thing at the airport), don't know that the'ye looking to be a bar, per se, but they're asking for a liqur lic. since that seems to be the one thing everyone using the airport is asking them for.