March 23, 2009

Animal Control Officers

Let clarify by saying I have no problem again with the City of Worcester tracking that people license their dogs. In fact I applaud their efforts. My only question was an animal control officer being sent to your house to determine whether or not a dog is present or not? Seems like something almost impossible to prove if you are at work and your dog is inside.

Just send a out a ticket saying that the records on file from a vet indicate that you have an unlicensed dog. The ticket, however, will be waived if you license the dog within the next 30 days or you can prove that it is licensed under someone else's name or maybe another town. Maybe there is a reason why they need to legally send out an animal control officer in order to send a ticket?

That said, rumor has it (unconfirmed at this point) that the animal control officers may have gotten pink slips, a casualty of the budget cuts. Can anyone confirm? I hope this is not true.


jahn said...

These layoffs could result in a similar problem in DPW.

DPW nuisance inspector gets word of a pinkslip and he starts nailing city councilors and DPW honchos with snow shoveling tickets & tix for prematurely placing brush in gutter....or worse yet the nuisance inspector goes over to Nelson Place school and condems the building b/c the bricks are all falling off of it.........and/or calls the State building authorties...and rats out the city......

nuttin' quite like a disguntled, soon to ex much do u think a 25$ per hour toll collector would steal on their last day on the job?? prob make daily double dipping heists down at the WPD look small

iN private sector you're called into bosses office and you're removed from premises very soon there after.....if not immedaitely.........just for this very reason.........retribtution.......we've all heard of employess who were downsized and then when given an opportunity hacked up the computer systerm real good

In gov't jobs ya have to give the hack many weeks that hack can trip and fall and join the other 13% of city employees out injured on duty status. Give me one good reason city employees should not all be covered under "regular Workmens comp. system" Just like many others state do

Anonymous said...

Where does the city in such lean times get money enough to send an animal control idiot to every house in town to see if there is a dog? If my dog is inside and I am at work, are they going to bust in my door to get to my dog? By the way, they will know there is a dog inside if you are not home. Any dog will bark when you knock on the door. You obviously don't have a dog. Moving on -- what if my dog has cancer and cannot have a rabies shot? I ask because licensing usually involves forced rabies vaccinations. Finally, will you have a problem if they start sending people out to your door to make sure your kid has all his vaccinations?