March 25, 2009

Ken Moynihan Column

Click here . This has to be considered as a classic:

She defended the hiring, citing Ms. Byrnes’ intelligence and rapport with children. “We do know that she is not highly qualified,” she added. “That is why she will be reviewed annually.”


Paulie's Point of View said...

so we take the chance of losing a kid or kid's because of possible incompetence that that is only reviewed annually.

Mick O'Brien is going to be forced into this situation soon..heads are going to opinion

Positive Jahn said...

I thot O'Brien doesnt have any control over school dept at all.......other than allocating money to the dept.????

This is classic Worc.....when will someone ask how a certain radio show hosts wife got a certain slot years ago in school dept..............a highly sought after position known for its lack of any real work compared to
teaching......and someone has the cahonnes to claim on the radio once years ago that they never pulled any strings to get anyone a job in Worc............right.....I actaull know people who this liar landed jobs for

Then there's a hack over at housing authotrity who was completley unqulaified to land a big job over there b/c someone stacked the board of directors with cronies ..the person in quiestion even had to go to public housing authority "school"

Dam joke ...... City of worc 5300 employees and only 7 last names..!!!!!!!

this s/b a great time to break a story on WPD payroll gate whilst the school dept is in the lime light an dunder the gun

Lukes and her green city.......what a joke we aint got no green left.......check out the city treasury

jahn said...

Check out the buildings dept for owns all kind of sturctures whose structural integrity has been compromised and they never get condemmed......and some of them are used almost daily by citizens and taxpayers........

we got to get some of those staged car accident tort barristers from up in Lowell to get a couple of pumpkinheads to stand beside one of these city buildings while it slowly falls on knows these buildings are unsound b/c they do have plans to rebuild them (years in the making now) the citty cant hide behind their limited liabilty position b/c it's gross negligence when the leaning towers of Pizza come falling down.

Then there's a certain cop, who rumor has it, will soon cost taxpayers a few hundred grand.......

Folks I cant make this up ..... my word verification to send this post in cybre space is "METCO"