March 03, 2009

Congressman McGovern Restores Earmarks

Sorry I missed this in the newspaper the other day. Remember the 5,800,000 HUD loan for the Gardner Hammond Kilby project that the City of Worcester guaranteed, although there was no borrowers, but the City of Worcester was having to pay?

It looks like Congressman McGovern has been able to restore a $475,000 earmark for the City of Worcester to make this year's payment. Once again we are simply rewarding bad behavior. Instead of focusing on why we did this or why we can not keep doing this, it will be forgotten about until the next time we are unable to get an earmark. This is simply put another bail out.

If this is an example how monies from the economic stimulus are to be used, we are in big trouble.


Jeff Barnard said...

I feel stimulated already.

signman said...

so much for no earmarks....No they will not learn... They blame Bush... Mitt 2012.....

Jahn said...

Wonder if added any foodstamps to the earmark, too

Havana Jim has to go......but we're stuck with him. The guy is a joke and is part of an even larger joke. i.e. the mass congressional delgation.......privatize many of thesd gub'mint jobs and you;;ll eliminate many gub'mint workers who continually vote this 100% democratic delegation.

And I dont want to hear that Havana Jim is a nice guy, etc......I aint a bad guy either but I am tired of being finacailly raped.....good guy....or bad isnt the issue.......but hey Dennis Irish in a recent suck up editorial says Havana Jim is filling the local health care coffers with Washington cash.

I wonder if Jim didnt take his automatic 2.3% annual pay raise this past year.........tehn we got thsi council with their 88% raise a year ago.........I'd be curious to know how many of our councilors get the city health ins package as a bennie

Anonymous said...

Earmarks a/k/a "PORK"