March 09, 2009

Future Projects: Part 1---Mason Winfield

This was in the former location of the Royal Linens business, which has been demolished for 21 owner occupied units with a certain number (large) for low-mod income owners.

Currently I know that there is not much state funding for owner-occupied projects and what happened at the City Builders site will most likely happen here. The developer will shift and seek money for rentals, not owner occupancy, with a certain percent (large) for low to mod income.

Updated map.

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Jahn said...

Consistent with other public projects like City Sq & Pharama- care, Mason Winfield was supposed start Sept, 2005 per the RFP that Mason Winfield won in June of 2005..yet all they have done is clean the EPA issues with the property...which clean-up "process" may reek of wrong doing.

FWIW, folks should know that Jim Mcgovern has some kind relative or friend tied to this Mason Winfield project.