March 31, 2009

Telegram announces UNUM agreement to City Square

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Al said...

I know first hand that a "final decision" will be announced tomorrow. So it's the real deal.

Jaahn said...

Glad to hear this about UNUM. Details please. Thanx

I leave town today for 8.5 hours and as I crooss the state line Carr is saying that Devals latest implosion with Senator Mariane Walsh appointment to 175,000 (then 120,000) hack job has ended. Seems she's decided to step aside and all this after Murray was on Levy last night ( MOnday 3-30) explaining how important this job is to the commonwealth so she can "grow" more jobs (and her pension too).

Tim please get on the same page with Deval. Folks, does Deval have room for any more egg on his face. God is this guy in over his head. All 100% political persona and inside a 100% empty suit. Nice going Mass-holes voting a non pol w/zero CEO experince to be our gov and CEO of the state. Murray better get his resume dusted off.

Reality said...

You know I wish the T&G fromm back in the mid to late 60's was on the internet and I could go back & goggle "Worcester Center"

I wonder if all the stories would have the same positive spin about Worcester centers construction that newpapers and media will have today re: teh City Sq news release.

Worc Center lasted about 16 to 18 years before it's demise started in the mid to late 80's.

It then morphed into the Common Fashion Outlets in 1994...again with much bravado about it being downtown Worcs savior/rennaisannce/mecca. (Wonder if 1993-1994 T&G is online?) Problem was they didnt have any outlet stores that sold size 44 pants for teens with 32" waists.

So 1st it was:

a. Wocester Center down in flames..strike one .....

b. then it was a mid life re-make/crisis to the Fashion Outlets (a face lift, a tummy tuck, a b++b job, and a hair piece) only to go down inflames in only a matter of 6-8 years ...strike 2....and so now...

c. the old gray lady awaits her wake via F&D at Mercadantes and her ultimate burial at Worcester Sand & Gravel as re-cycled aggregate.

Will City Sq. be strike 3 for downtown Worcester?

Are the same hyponotized & mind numbed people that elected Deval & Mc Govern & Nobama, thinking that City Sq will save Worc.........OK Maybe.......just maybe it's a start.....but someone has to
go back to T&G archives and read up about the simlar mindsets that existed in 1967 & again in 1993 about how piece of real estate is going to actually really change things.

People have to change. New buildings mean nuttin'. This notion that state has spent $11B on new school of late and that somehow this will lift MCAS scores.........well that's a similar type of the mindset that is dead wrong

Stay tuned , i guess??