March 19, 2009

Correction--No variance

There was no variance for parking since this is no parking required as all in the Blackston Canal Overlay District-- a recent amendment to the Zoning Ordinance.

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Jahn said...

So 64 units will equal at least 1.5 cars per unit. What family, even poor ones dont have at least 1.5 cars per household. So where will all teh cars park then............well folks they will park in the spaces that are needed for the visitors to the (assumed) Canal the walkers, window shoppers, diners, beer drinkers, wine tasters, and all others who show up at after dark in the proposed Canal District to spend money will have less/no parking spaces. FWIW, Pajama People & panhandlers have no worry b/c shopping carts can park most anywhere.

Dont we have a dept of Neighborhood dev'ment & urban planning........where are they of late on dev'ments like this?

So i pick up the paper this morning and the teachers union has their panties all in a knot over merit pay for school teachers......does anyone wonder why solid middle class people are avioding teh Worc public scholl system like the plague...??? let's see how the spaghetti spined school committee handles this one............."IT S FOR THE CHILDREN"...........right Kate???

And WTH is up with WPD payroll gate..............this news broke last Oct or so.............can teh taxpayers at least have a god dam progress report on the estimated size of the heist/rip off to date.

MY day is off to a bad start here.