March 22, 2009

18% Increase for Food Stamp Recipients

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2.1 million goes to elderly nutrition programs at senior centers and home delivered nutrition programs. This was the main reason for the meeting at the Marble Street apartments yesterday and to me, they both seem like good programs.

Where does the other 297.9 million go. Formerly known as Food Stamps, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) will get the rest, which will result in an on average increase of 18% in food stamps, sorry SNAP benefits, to the nearly 600,000 low income individuals and families in Massachusetts who receive benefits.

This is good for the economy since, according to the story, $5 spent in SNAP benefits generates $9.20 in econmic activity. If $5 spent in SNAP benefits is good for the econonmy then wouldn't less taxes and expenses on me be good for the economy too??


Jahn said...

These pols always tell you the benefits of these handouts, but never the associated costs. Kinda like the "benefits" of spending $275,000 to create 1100 sq ft of NO LO living space...only to be turned around and sold to a NO LO'er for $99,000....when a real for profit builidng company can do the same job for $150,000. Where in God's name is all this money going........

The $9.20 ( per $5.00 spent) "benefit" to the economy is what economists would call the "multiplier effect" and in that area it's also know as the "Price Rite" effect [g]

Problem is if the taxes used to fund this program stayed in private hands the multiplier would be much more "huge'er".

Havana Jim McGovern missing in action for an inner city photo op.........God something is wrong with this picture.......Jim lost his marbles??

Like it's been said on the other blog across can buy a nice stand alone existing or new home in a great part of the city for less than the $275,000 that these non profit(eers) are spending to create 1100 sq ft of ghetto living apt/condo quarters........

Nick & Scoot gotta look into this.......I wonder if there was clause in the WOmag buyout that they cant write derogatory pieces about NO Lo housing in Worc until after the Banal District is fully funded. Not sure what wrong with T&G on this issue.........maybe we need some NO LO 40B in Nobert Remeth's 'hood?

kieran said...

Some quantification of the opportunity cost is what is missing from the figures. What would be the impact of lower taxes and less nanny-state? It could be more economic activity employing the people who are now dependent or it could be lots of hungry people and a few fatter cats. Or more likely would be some combination of outcomes. Either way the little guy is in for a rough ride.

Jahn said...

What a coincidence........Mr Chernisky published again today in the letters to the editor.....he was published in Nov and I predicted he would be published agin in Febr....but I was wrong...........he got published again he's back again in March............used to be he was published 4X seems however he's getting ink every 2 months lately.......

The guy does tell it like it is...and today he wants to move Dismas house out to Westboro.....i wonder why Westboro ....[g]..dittos for other SS agencies.........he wants put em in burbs.......BTW do we know what CEO over there earn annully. The claim is that no one there makes more than 42,000 which I have a difficult time swallowing

Funny tho The editorial writer didnt mention Genesis House on Lincoln St ........a client or potential client of Gensis murderd an an innocent women over on Lancaster St about a year or two ago. Story went something like this.........guy took a bus to Genesis....he was early and/or couldnt get walked to Lancaster St and allegedly/apparently ramdomly murdered a woman . How would any of you feel about 1/2 way houses in Worc if this murdered women was you sister or Mom ?? Somehow Genesis (the beginning ?) and murder just dont seem to belong in the same sentence...???

Whats worse inundating Worc with NO Lo or SS agencies and 1/2 way houses peddling their psycho -babble..........when the reality is that these SS agencies and NO LO pimps real agenda is their job and paychecks. Providing for the less fortunate is a secondary agenda.

let's Toss a few of these pimps out of work and watch em flounder in the real world, real work,privater sector economy ..starting by reducing the number of NOn prfit builders and SSS agencies in worc.

jahn said...

Why cant we get a story in the T&G about how dangerous some jobs are...other then Fire about a piece on the truly, really dangerous jobs like commercial fishermen, timber harvesters, truckers, Pizza delivery boys, and construction.

Firemen & cops aint even in the top 15 dangerous occupations.