March 30, 2009

Boston Fire Department

Don't mean to give you a coronary but click here.


Anonymous said...

Jahn: You have the floor...

Jahn said...

Where do I start.

Fire servces s/b be put out to bid like they do in Arizona. IAFF'er is welcome to bid. Disney World has a private fire dept too.

This notion that fighting fires is some kind of rocket science or some kind of dangerous job is just not bourne out by the facts.

We're still using the same model (chill at fire barn w/BBQ grille and NIT playoffs) that was used decades ago. Public safety personnel s/b out engaged in working on public safety issues like unshovelled city property and repairing sidewalks and picking up downed tree limbs now. Bring the fire truck with ya.....if there's a fire call just hop on the truck and go to the fire. Let UMass EMT's take of my Aunt Ethel when the drunken +++++ trips and falls [g]

20+ ton fire trucks should not be used to respond medical emergenicies unless we have a huge med emergency on our hands. They also should not be taken out of service and used as mobile flagpoles every time a Jake moves on to see St Peter.

The death of a FF'er in the line of duty should be treated the same as the death of Glouster commercial fisherman who goes down at sea. Both obvioulsy terrible tragedies

No more sleeping all night and then going out and underbidding the local building trade mechanics. S/b doing paper shuffling at the fire barn for the other city offices/functions at night.

FF'er s/b in the "regular" Mass. workmens comp system like those who work in truly dangerous jobs like pizza delivery boy, timber harvester, comm.fisherman, and truckers.

There is also need to have ff'ers structured in a para- military like fashion. Private sector ff'ers like oil well ff'ers are merely line workers with a boss who gives them their marching orders. If the girls like men in uniforms...then go to Trippis in Shrewsbury and buy a uniform and go trolling at Maxwells.

Anyone think that inadequate repair and maintence of Boston firetrucks by their fellow jakes may have caused the deaths of 2 boston ff'er recently. HUH??

FF'er are not prima dona's . That's reserved for doctors and god.

Please dont embarass the city anymore by traveling to subaurban towns jsut b/c a selectman had the audacity to call a fellow selectman a dysfunctional FF'er. Lighen up.


Once agian I cant believe my word verification "MOTYPO"

Jahn said...

Correction, that was 1 Boston FF'er who was killed earlier this year when the brakes allegedly failed on their rig.

BTW, i thought all trucks today have maxi-brake systems.....where if the braking system fails you just keep pumping the air brake pedal until an auxiliary system kicks in. At least that's how it worked years ago anyway when these systems were invented back in the early 70's.

And more Jake Braking on Park Ave........too much noise pollution....i need to sleep during the day