March 11, 2009

NRSA--Slight Diversion

It is a great program the NRSA.

City took $100,000 from unallocated NRSA funds and instead of giving them to NRSA's that are operating efficiently or to the City of Worcester Facade Program, which is running great, but out of money. It was transferred to the Main South CDC to do studies on 95 Grand Street.


Jeff Barnard said...

Studies... I can't imagine that all these "studies" that the city splashes so much money around for on a regular basis is anything more than just some made up crap. I can write a report for half the price! Heck, if they want, I can even leave the house and get a few facts on top of it!

Bill Randell said...


You ar right about the studies. The thing that really burns me about this is you have facade program, focusing on the Canal District and Downtown, that has no money left this fiscal year.

Instead of giving these unallocated NRSA monies to another NRSA or to the facade program, the monies are transferred to an entity that is sticking us with the payments on a 5.8 million dollar loan? Actually this year we ended up getting earmarks to mark the payment versus reducing CDBG funds.