March 31, 2009

E-mail from an ORH flyer

I get alot of e-mail and phone calls about the ORH service, most regarding parking rates. Got to say all the comments are real positive except the 800 number. It seems nobody answers? Then I tell people that there are people manning the Direct Air desk at ORH on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. Again overall very very positive.

Got this e-mail today. Does anyone know about this or can comment??

A life-long resident of the Worcester area, I am delighted that Worcester Airport is in service again. Knowing the fog potential there, I understood the need to divert to Boston for our safety on Mar. 29. The new Direct Air plane was wonderful and the staff was excellent. My disappointment was the way the re-routing was handled, basically leaving the passengers "on their own" at the end in Boston. It is unacceptable that the pilot asked for 2 volunteers to call for bus transportation and organize those who needed to return to Worcester. We circled Worcester for an hour. It was clear that we could not land there. Why wasn't a bus arranged for and waiting in Boston when we landed?


Anonymous said...

As another passenger returning from Sanford on that flight (5803) I can counter this statement. It was slightly confusing at first, however, transportation was provided, we were not stranded. The folks in Worcester made arrangements for us and we were brought into worcester from boston on 2 luxury motorcoaches. I talked to the plane crew as well as the folks in worcester and this was the first time this has happened with this airline (having to go into Boston). Service was overall great except for that slight inconvenience.

Troy S.

tim macdonald said...

The Telegram is reporting an agreement between UNUM and Berkley has been made. Announcement tomorrow. Hope it is not an April Fools joke.

Anonymous said...

I echo Troy S's comments exactly.