March 07, 2009

Mass Housing Partnership

Doing my reasearch I ran across the Mass Housing Partnership. They had one section that they referred to as their portfolio, hilighting various projects around the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Central Massachusetts featured 9 projects. One each in Athol, Fitchburg, Leominster and Webster.

Where were the other 5? You guessed it --Worcester. We are number 1!!!! I have updated the map to include these 5 projects, purple marker means project has not been completed yet.

  1. 300 pleasant st (eddie's market )-- 6 affordable units
  2. 133 Chandler St--5 affordable units

  3. 98-102 Austin Street- 9 affordable units

  4. Oread -Beacon -- 34 affordable units

  5. 1-7 Piedmont Street- 12 affordable units
66 more affordable units

I am not sure the total cost of these projects since the Mass Housing Partnership only list monies that they are contributing not the total cost of the project, which would include HOME funds from the City and/or Commonwealth, tax credits and other potential agencies.

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