March 02, 2009

Zobach-slight diversion

Long day today for all of us. At the end of the day, I listened to Scott Zobach takeover from Jordan Levy on WTAG. One of the things he mentioned, that jumped out at me, was how city councilors make "verbal" comments to him about his blog. This got me to thinking. Do any of these same people, who make "verbal" comments to Scott, make comments on his blog?

I decided to call him and ask him this question. Scott informed that he believes that Kate Toomey has commented on his blog a couple of times, but that was about it. Over the past 5 years, I have made 1,802 posts, have had over 240,000 page views and have never had one comment from any City Councilor. One of the reasons cited on the radio tonight was that these people might be afraid to put anything in writing?

Are not these the same people who want people to get "involved", but they are afraid to put anyting in writing? I have one question if Paul Colyer, Scott Zobach, Jeff Barnard, Gabe, myself and many others are not afraid to put their thoughts in writing,why would someone who has been elected to represent the people of Worcester, and are paid, be afraid to state their opinions?


Paulie's Point of View said...

lets be thankful that the likes of Thomas Jefferson were not afraid to put things in writing:>)

Anonymous said...

***** BREAKING NEWS *****

The 'Silly Bloggahs' were right!

Bill, Paulie, Jahn, Dave, yours truly, etc ... can all take a bow.


Harry T

Rich said...

It's simple. It's impossible to write out of both sides of your mouth.

Jahn said...

But arent all the council meetings taped & video'ed........ which may even be better than a writing??. Talk about horse++++ right from the Horses mouth??? Beats Saratoga, NY in July or August anytime.

Tate Koomey is bought and sold for by the EAW. I figure the Educational Ass'n is good for about 3000+ votes for her after you subtract thsoe who live outside of Worc and add back in EAW members spouses who i assume will vote their EAW spouses pocketbook.

All these city issues will be solved when Mitt Romney takes over as receiver.......circa 2012.....THE CITY IS AN UNVIABLE FINACIAL MODEL .........IMAGINE PAYING A TEACHERS AIDE $17,000 A YEAR And TEHN GIVING THAT SAME TEACHERS AIDE A family health insurance package that costs the city $12,000 a year.....and oh let us not foget the pension either.........God the benniies cost us almost as much as the salary about an upside down situation? Anyone know where one can land a $17,000 job (that's $8.18 per hour for you St John's boys [g])...aND THEN get a $12,000 FAMILY INSURANCE PACKAGE AS A BENNIE?

dO THESE councilors all have unionized housekepeers and landscapers??

Jeff Barnard said...

I've gotten e-mails from councilors, commenting on posts I've made, etc., but never anything into the comments section that I know of... possibly anonymous or pseudonymous, maybe, but I don't think so.

Not to be an apologist, but I don't think the local virtual online world holds even a tiny slice as much importance to them as the real world. And I've always found that, in person, they're all very open and chatty, person to person. And it's that personal, one on one contact that's the real meat of their political lives.

Jahn said...

Jeff you get any e-mails from Shoveler Palmieri??

Jahn said...

Jeff also, open ,chatty, personal, etc is fine....but the citys board of directors (councilors) are sitting a top a financially sinking ship and have been for years...........most are all guilty of dereliction of duty and they run the city first and foremost for the city employees and secondarily for the taxpayers & customeers of the city.

Do you think Kate Toomey would come on here and discuss with us why we cant privatize the school custodial staff after the next contract runs out. Answer proabably not...........b/c the custodians vote for her.....and she just sweeps the issue under the carpet..........

Bill Randell said...


I agree all of the people on the City Council are good people.

I disagree, however, on them commenting on the blog. Our elected city officials should every possible means to communicate with the electorate/stockholders in the City of Worcester. Including the virtual world.


4rilla said...

Great question Bill.

I think I have only saw Toomey comment on Worcesteria, that's it. Ruston's foray into blogging lasted a whole 3 days during the DNC.

I know I always get a little chuckle when the hits come in from the Worcester offices IP address.

Bill Randell said...

The most ironic thing about this is you always hear our elected officials saying they want people to get involved.

Maybe they should listen to their own rhetoric and get involved.