March 24, 2011

Anal Sports Bar

Sign Guy can you grab a "C" and head down to Millbury STreet


zed said...

Unless they've changed clientele.

Signman said...


Jahn said...

And to think I used to refer to the future Canal District as the Banal District.

So now we're going to spend a Million or so on cleaning up Crystal Park. More gov't money to clean up Clark University's immediate environs.

Aint that Alleged Pilot paYMENT WORking out just great for Clark. Pony up $100,000 a year & use about 3/4's(75,000)of it in your immediate neighborhoood and then leverage the $75,000 to get a million more in gub'mint money for your own personal park opposite the campus.

God, we just gave em a whole new street, concrete sidewalks, and re-set the granite curbing on the other side of the campus on Downing St back in 2008 or 2009.

And here's a classic statement from a Clark student that is so typical of the mindset that if you spend money on capital assets that it will somehow improve the neighborhood, when what really ails the 'hood is not the condition of its assets, but the condition of its in habitants:

“I think that any renovation work Clark does on that park will at least help out its image, as it currently doesn’t have a great reputation as a safe neighborhood location,” said ++++ ++++++, a senior at Clark."

Now you see where our typical bureacrats and leaders get their mindset from when they were urban geography, urban economics, and urban sociology students back in the 70's at Clark.

And y'all just wait and see what Becker wants for gubmint dineros for this planned Video Game Programming Institute.......or........wait and see how long it takes Holy Cross with their new government liasons/affiars person to come bangin' their tin cup at city hall when HC begins The Caro St/College Hill makeover and re-names College St McFar Lane.

The other colleges all see what Clark has gotten for gubmint $$$$$ now all the other colleges want to suck on the gov't nipple.

Anonymous said...

Kudos! (or should I say "DooDoos"?) for spotlighting an establishment where those of us into "anal sports" can --finally!!--meet as a group, imbibe alcohol and celebrate "colonic contests"

I have secretly always wanted a place where events like wedgie battles can happen.

And, let's face it. Who, as adults or as children, hasn't at sometime or another had tests of sound or smell or duration over farting? Imagine what this might do for Worcester. Who wouldn't want to see this live on national television?

For a City that suffered the loss of the nation's ONLY plumbing museum, it is time --once again--for this region to reflect on the importance of the derriere.

And what better way to do that than with "Anal Sports"?

I applaud them for their bravery and vision.


Anonymous said...

Just wondering...

Is the owner of this Greek?

It might make sense..


Jahn said...

And then years ago there was an old drug store and coffee bar named Brown & Smith in a nice metrowest town. The name was spelled out in large wooden letters high atop the stores large front windows. White letters oddly enuff.

One hot summer night, the kids in town saw fit to get on to the store roof and somehow delete one letter from the word Smith and then re arrange the remaining wooden letters.

a. what letter did they delete?

b. what word resulted after the remaining 4 letters were re- arragned?

c. what town was it in?

The prize...a free ticket to Jim McGovern's next village of Piedmont meet up..... see Bill or Pualie for further details.

Signman is ineligible to compete for the prize b/c he's in the sign bizz :) speaking of which........ what and/or who is the other local sign guy who is spending mucho dineros to defend
certain kinda signs???...first I have heard of battle??? details please??

So i had a nice Sunday today. Had to travel up north way. In my travels i did manage to cross over in to Cow Hampshire......approx 12 miles round trip outta my way .......which is about $1.95 of gas in the Jahnmobile

So I bot 2 kinda "small large" ticket items. Total savings $87.

Hey Deval what you would not gimme in real estate tax savings I will get you back from you multple times lying sack of Sakrete.

I even dined out whilst up there. $2.48 worth. Total came to $2.68. Hey Cow Hampshire Meals tax is like about 8%????...never knew I also learned something today :) ..... Dont tell Deval or Tim about that 8% though