March 17, 2011

Business closing update

• Bally Fitness in Lincoln Plaza (in today's T&G)

• PW Sherman at Gold Star and Mill St. - looks like WB Mason might have bought them out according to website

Thanks Eric


Paul Shea said...

Is there a business moving in list? A comparison of the two lists would put it in perspective. Businesses come and go every day. But are we truly losing more businesses than we are bringing in? I suspect we are, but i don't know how drastic it is.

Bill Randell said...


I mean this sincerely. If you want to start a business moving in list, please do.

Forward to me and I will print.


Jahn said...

We need to close down many of these smaller non profit busineeses in Worceser and I dont mean just low income housing builders that are non profit.

I suggest the current econ. conditions will eventually necessite such closings. How many non profits have closed in Worc lately? I cna think of one, the Bijou Theatre, but did that re open elsewhere? Surely there must be others.

Many non profits are just duplicating services that are or s/b provided by exisiting larger non's.

Steve Foley said...

Looks like you can add the Platinum Premier Gentlemen's Club to the list.

Club loses all licenses

Jahn said...

Which raises a question that I think about whenever I visit City Hall, what about the Paris Cinema site? The place has been shuttered how long now...5 or 6 yrs?

Clearly it's not unlike other empty storefronts that dot the DT landscape, but it is directly opposite our beautiful common. Whats going on there?.

Speaking of the Common... today (Friday) it is supposed to maybe break a temperature record and I am hearing something about a super-duper powerful full moon for tomorrow (Saturday) night.

So today temps & tomorrow's exceptional full moon could make for some rather interesting scenery on the Common, some very intersting Spree Day partying on the local college scene, and who knows what else. Then again who ever heard of Worc Colleges Spree day while it is still winter?

Boys in blue may have their work cut out for them next couple of days. T&G better get an extra reporter over to the court house for Monday Morning. I am having premonitions of the two words "Caro St" in Mondays T&G :)

Paul Shea said...

I was more or less just pointing out that your focus is on the negative. By only focusing on the negative it makes it look like Worcester has a larger problem than it does. Don't get me wrong, I do believe there is a problem and I understand businesses are leaving the city. I just wanted to point out that some of the businesses that do leave are replaced with new ones.

Jahn said...

Paul, I'd be more inclined to say that Bill, like Me, focuses on the reality of what we see and hear in Worcester and I very strongly suggest the demographics and finances have been in a downward spiral since sometime in the 1980's.

Sad part, the reality is more negative than positive. I now have to take 3 differrent cars out of the city to get dealership service. If I want my cheques cashed, my nails done, my hair braided, Chinese take out, a store front church, a hit of Jahngameister, urban wear, travel service to the Caribbean, a gypzy cab, etc, etc.......well you get the idea.