March 20, 2011

Spring Break

Take a few days to spend with wife and daughter in Florida.    Can anyone tell me if it was in fact the old El Morocco proeprty to be auctioned on the 30th in the newspaper.

Jahn, right behind Walgreen's where the old shooting range was..  Remember that?  The branch of Web 5 across from Lietrim's is moving there.

Overtime Tap was orginally McFadden's then a steak place, but I forgot the name.   


Jahn said...

Yes, I do recall that Harrignton & Richardson shooting range. It was re-incarnated into into a roller skating rink in the early 80's for its 2nd life. I think they also served adult beverages???? Was called Le Jardin (french for garden?) and was owned by one of the Worc area's night club entrepeneurs (not T++++++ tho).

Imagine the gangbanger overtones if a shooting range in Worc today was converted to a nightclub (or a strip club in Worc was converted to a You Tube shooting gallery).

Can you further imagine a 250 lb'er from the Village of Piedmont tossing down Guinesses and roller skating at Le Jardin? At 1:00 am Sunday morning we can push him up the grade at Park And Chandler, roller skates on, and then give him a good push and hopefully with enough momentum he'll eventaully stop right in front of 224 Chandelier St. :)

Speaking of which, I Aint seen much of that old canine around.
lately ??????

So Deval goes global the last 10 days, allegedly on a Massachusetts economic re-juvenation tour during which Fidelity dumps 1,100 Mass employees into our 2 bordering states. Then today the news breaks that Deval wants to push for more tourism for Mass. Should it start with a tour of Massachusetts's largest public works project? Will a hard hat fit into a toutirsts suitcase?
As Bill, would say, I cannot make this stuff up.

Jahn said...

Was it Harrington & Richardson or Harrington & Richards. Interesting old brick factory building with a tower right where Walgreens now sits, on the edge of the Village of Piedmont.

I think they had a plant in Gardner, too.

Bill Randell said...

They moved to Gardner aS h & r 1871and operated there for 20 years, but were bought out about 5 years ago and closed down

Anonymous said...

Le Jardin later becam a branch of the boston niteclub the Metro