March 09, 2011

Two new proposed classifications

  1. 10% surcharge on any of the rates if family household income is over $100,000
  2. 50% surcharge on your commercial tax bill if you do not live in the City of Worcester
Steve I was just kidding.  Just trying to make a point.    Adding a 2nd residential and 2nd commercial tax is just like re-arrranging seats on the Titanic.   We are not addressing the problem.   Need to either 1) cut expenses or 2) increase revenues.  


Steve Foley said...

So must you now complete an income tax return for the City of Worcester?

Is that adjusted gross income from form 1040? My son got a job at McDonalds so now the 'household' income is $100,001. Does that add 10%

What is part of that income is generated from properties owned in Worcester? Isn't that double taxation?

I guess we'll need to form the Municipal Revenue Service (MRS) to track and collect the collection of all of these variations on the property tax. Maybe we can put Phil Niddrie in charge.

Steve Foley said...

I though my last line was a dead giveaway.

zed said...

By law, business properties are already assessed based on income/expense reports. Many don't file them and pay the $50 fine instead.