October 03, 2012

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Jahn said...

I read this and one word comes to mind...EVASIVE. MSCDC wants the feds to sit down with them at which time the feds will be given a tour of Beacon Brighly. How the heck does the Nickel Tour address what the real issues are which are apparently accountablity.

Poor MSCDC is being severely punished by the economy? Translation: Our panhandling for government $$$$ is not working to well. Welcome to the great recession

WTH can one expect when they build in a depression/severe recession in the middle of a ghetto.?

I got a double saw buck that says Havana Jim pulls this entire fiasco out of the fire which is not how it s/b solved.

Jahn said...

Kind of interesting that Sean Sutner does two back to back stories on waste in gov't spending. A few weeks ago it was $513,000 low income apts and in todays paper it is a $514,000 Guy Glodis Mobile Commando Swat-Mobile The proximity of the two dollar amts. is an interesting coincidence.

But hey at least the Swat Mobile does not bankrupt the Worc School systems with zillions of low income students inundating the system at $13,000 each. Looks like the Swat Mobile eats up a deputy's salary and maybe a few gallons of gas per month?

Sean s/b playing the daily numbers 514 and 513