March 14, 2008

Airport Industrial Park Leases

Sorry, yesterday's blog may have been a little too bit confusing. Bottom line is this, we have an Airport Industrial Park that has a whole bunch of leases. This is property owned by the tax-payers of Worcester and I am not sure that anyone is really watching to make sure that the leases are complied with?

The Airport Commission needs to review each and every one of these leases.

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Anonymous said...

This raises a question that should have been asked years ago ( and maybe has been asked ??

Too many of the citys problems seem to revolve around city owned real estate which in some cases is only peripheral in nature to the daily operations of the city.

a. Union Station

B. Summer St Church

c. Centrum

d. Airport

e. Auditorium

f. Tax title property

g. Coppage Drive

h. Blackstone Visitros centre

i. Some (all?) parks??

j. Cemetaries

k. I am sure I missed a few?

Should this property all be farmed out to be managed by private interests. Some of it already has. Do we know WTH we're doing when it comes to managing city property/assets? tODAYS MISMANAGED assets become tomorrows problems

i SAY WE DONT !!!!